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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: tassi
Owner: debwas
Pet Name: _rasina_
Breed: Tasu

About tassi:
hello fiends , sorry i mean friends :)
i have got so many secrets that i cant tell;)
but i guess i can tell you about one....

Well , i was out camping with my owner , and debwas . Anyway , debwas didn't want to go to the haunted woods , but after some begging and crying , she decided to go.We were staying for only one day , because debwas assumed it would be dangerous to stay longer.And when we went to sleep. After a few hours i heard something and woke up.I decided to let debwas and my owner sleep, while i check it out.I thought this would be fun, on my own in the woods.BOY , was i wrong.

I got lost immidiatly. I didn't know where to go. and after a few minutes I heard something.I got really scared and climbed a tree, just in time. Because there was the pant devil.I didn't know what to do.If i would scream , he would see me. And if i jump and run , he would attack.

But what is that thing on his back?
He is carrying a bag.Hmm , i thought.
So i decided to lay low for a while , to see what was in that bag.I heard him laughing.
I could understand him clearly, because the tree was 3 feet behind him.
He was saying: "foolish pets , they go into the haunted woods, with all their neopoints , and when they sleep , i steal it , hahahahahahaha"!

I couldn't believe it.While i was running off for adventure and getting lost, he was stealing my stuff.But then i saw him put everything from that little bag , into a chest.And then the chest almost blinded me with all it's neopoints and items. "WOW" i accidently said.i closed my mouth and hoped he didn't hear anything. "Huh , who is there"?? he said.I saw him closing the chest , and locking it.And putting the key in his pocket.

"WHO IS THERE" he shouted.I got scared and screamed:"aaahhhhh"
"so there you are".And went exactly beneath the branch i was on. And somehow , i made the wrong move , and...kraaack the branch fell, with me on it.When i stood up , i saw that the branch was on the pant devil , and that he had a big bump on his head.He wasn't moving so , i thought he had passed out.

I was going to run away. bBt then i saw the shiny key in his pocket , so i grabbed it.When i opened the chest, i thought , i'm never going to carry this it's too heavy.
And then i remembered the little bag.
I just had to get our neopoints back , i didn't need the other neopoints.I took a little more neopoints he stole , because i wasn't sure how much he had stolen.After that i ran off , looking for the camping place.

It was allready daylight , when i finally found the way back to the camping place.
When i got there , debwas and my ownere were still sleeping.
When they woke up , they asked me where i got that much neopoints from.
Then i said: "the pant devil took our neopoints and items while you were sleeping , so i brought it back".
Debwas and my owner looked at me and then debwas said: "umm , tassi , we didn't bring any neopoints or items"


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