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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Kiwi
Owner: lil_itsy_bitsy
Pet Name: EllaBella_Elephante
Breed: Cloud Harris

About Kiwi:
Um… is this where I apply for the petpet spotlight? Really? Phew, what a relief… oh, anyway, my name is Kiwi, and I’m a cloud… well, it’s quite obvious what I am….

O.K., hehe, I have a report I wanted to give to you, I hope you like it! Sorry I can’t stay longer and give some kind of fancy presentation, but Ella’s waiting to take me to lunch outside.

*whispers* She’s really cranky when she’s hungry.

*Hands the judges a few pieces of paper with shaky writing all over them*

See ya’ later!

*Runs out the door*

On the paper:

“Top 15 things I’ve learned from being Ellabella_elephante’s petpet.”

*You wonder what this is all about and begin to read*

I’ve been with Ella a REALLY long time, and I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the knowledge I’ve gained from having her as an owner. So, I made a countdown of great information every petpet should know. I hope you enjoy it!

*Looking on the next page, you see a small list*

The amazing countdown:

15. Bubblegum is almost impossible to remove from a Harris’ fur.

14. Toothpaste and icing are two very different things. Think twice when decorating a cake for your owner’s birthday.

13. If you plan on taking a nap in your owner’s house slippers, make sure they know first!

12. The Symol hole is pretty fun, but do not try to have any form of communication with the inhabitants. (Don’t ask.)

11. Turmaculus is VERY heavy. (Still don’t ask.)

10. Reading your owner’s diary is a lot of fun. (Unless they catch you, that is.)

9. Elephantes REALLY like peanuts! NEVER allow yourself to get in-between an Elephante and a peanut!!!

8. Never try to eat a faerie paint brush, no matter HOW good it looks. All you’ll end up with is a mouthful of paint and one VERY, VERY, ANGRY owner.

7. The ceiling fan is NOT the in-home equivalent of an amusement park ride.

6. Stuff that you find in your owner’s backpack that says “MY HAND-WRITTEN 10 PAGE REPORT ON (enter random subject here)” is not to be shredded up and made into bedding. (But it’s a ton of fun!)

5. Trying repeatedly to press the big shiny button on a Faerie Elephante’s forehead does absolutely nothing (well, unless you count giving her a headache; then it’s very effective).

4. Your owner may resemble Sloth in the morning. If you happen to see them in this terrible state, do not panic and begin to beat them with a sock. (I learned from experience.)

3. Although it may sound fun, attempting to mimic a faerie pet in flight by jumping from a great height (ie. the roof) will only result in sheer terror and pain (well, if your owner doesn’t catch you just in time, that is… yeah, I was pretty lucky).

2. Cloud petpet paint brushes taste better than faerie paint brushes. (Too bad I only got a tiny lick.)

1. Harris’ paws are not made for writing petpet spotlights.

The End!

Kiwi the Harris

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