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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Erriol
Owner: cat_cast
Pet Name: shoyru_cast
Breed: Plushie Angelpuss

About Erriol:
Back then, I was, like many other petpets my kind, only a regular white Angelpuss. But unlike many, I was unnoticed. I sat alone for days in the petpet shop, hoping for somebody to take me. However, people liked other petpets instead of me. I felt alone in the petpet shop, hoping every single moment for someone kind enough to take me. But I eventually lost hope, for my wishes never came true. Until one day...

Everything changed one Saturday morning. That day, the shopkeeper was busy sweeping the floors. The shop's wooden door opened as a kind-looking lady together with her Shoyru neopet came visiting the shop.

“I want to buy a petpet,” the lady said in a fine Neopian accent, “It's a gift for my neopet, shoyru_cast.” The next thing, the shopkeeper was touring the lady and her neopet around the shop, showing the new and popular petpets as if they were in an art exhibit. As for me, I sat alone in a little, dusty corner, watching them from afar as they looked at the other petpets in the store, amused. I couldn't help but be sad, for I was once again unnoticed.

But then, suddenly, out of the blue, I saw the Shoyru looking at me.

“Have you decided what to buy?” The lady said sweetly. Then suddenly, the Shoyru came walking towards me. I didn't know what to do and just stood motionless. The Shoyru gave me an intent look, pinched my tiny cheeks, pulled my whiskers and then nodded, satisfied. “I'd like this cute kitty over here,”

That was the happiest moment in my entire petpet life. It was then that I finally had a new owner. I really loved my dear Shoyru_cast—or Ruru--as I called her. Catherine, and her neopets were more like family to me.

That afternoon later, Ruru thought for a long time about what she'll name me. I felt shy about my new owner. I hope she would not send me back to that petpet shop again! I didn't want to be lonely anymore and I loved my new owner very much, and I didn't want to part from her.

She thought of asking her brothers and sisters what name would be best for a petpet like me.

“How about Angel?” Slithers said, looking at me as he smiled. I couldn't help but blush.

“No, no.” The Usul, also one of Ruru siblings said, “How about Fluffy?”

“The name Squeakle is better,” Yewton the Gelert said, scratching his ears.

Suddenly, everyone fell silent. The silence lingered around as they stared at Yewton, all of them seemed confused.

“What?” Yewton said, “You don't think Squeakle's good?”

“Oh, I know what to name him now!” Ruru bursted out, “I'll name him Erriol! That has always been my favourite name...”

“That's a good name.” All of the other neopets nodded their heads, agreeing.

And since then they called me Erriol. When I asked why she named me that, Ruru chose to name me Erriol because she told me that the name “Erriol” was the most beautiful name ever, and that I was the greatest petpet in the whole universe.

One day, they took me touring around Brighvale city. I had a lot of fun there, and the whole streets were busy at that time, because the people in Brightvale were having a parade for the King. I had never seen the King myself, and it was a total thrill to be able to see the famous King Hagan. I promised to keep close to her at all times, so I wouldn't get lost. But then suddenly, when King Hagan appeared in the parade, waving with a smile to the crowds. He wearing such elegant clothing, that I was dumbstruck. Then, I was distracted by the sudden cheers of the crowd, and before I knew it, I couldn't see Ruru anymore. I was lost.

I spent all day looking for my owner, but I failed. I searched everywhere, Even when the parade was over, and the people started leaving, I couldn't see my owner. Once again, I felt lonely; I was so alone that I wanted to cry. What if I don't find them anymore?

Just as I was desperate, and I was about to give up, someone came up to me. He was an old, and seemed to vaguely resemble someone I know. His were old, and yet so wise. He smiled, and his smile was full of kindness and wisdom. For a second, I thought he was King Hagan, but he was wearing the clothes of an ordinary Brightvale citizen, and it made me think otherwise.

“What's the matter, little petpet? Why the sad face?” He said uttered in a soft, gentle voice.

“While I was watching the King's parade, I got lost in the crowd and I couldn't find my owner, Shoyru_cast anymore,” I said wistfully. “I broke my promise. I said I would be close so I wouldn't get lost. I don't know what I'll do without my dear Ruru.”

“What's your name?” He said, smiling sweetly.

“My name's Erriol.”

“What a nice name for an Angelpuss!” He said, “Tell me, who gave that name to you?”

“My owner, Ruru, did. It's her favourite name.” I felt sad again when I remembered Ruru was gone.

“Little Erriol, then,” He said, opening one of the books he was holding, “Say, do you like reading books?”

“I love reading books. I used to read a lot of books with Ruru. I really enjoy reading books.”

“Would you like to read this book with me, then?” He said, holding up the book in front of me.

I nodded. I remembered back then the days when I spent whole day reading books with Ruru, and I missed her so much. Though it was a good thing that someone else was here with me at that moment. At least I didn't feel that lonely anymore. But I at times I wished that Ruru and I would be together again.

I began reading the first few pages of the book. He was surprised at how a petpet like me can read such a book. He had the look in his eyes like he had never seen a petpet like such before. A few moments later, I remembered that I had forgotten to ask his name. “Sir, I you don't mind, could you tell me...your name?”

“ERRIOL!!!” I recognized the voice; it was a voice coming from afar. When I looked around to where it came from, I saw Ruru, along with the others, running down towards me.

I stood and ran swiftly towards Ruru, and I hugged her. It was then that I felt myself cry. I had finally found my owner. I looked up at Ruru, and I saw her eyes also flooding down with tears. They were tears of joy. “We've been looking all over for you,” She said, “I'm glad you're safe.” I was glad too.

“King Hagan?!” Yewton uttered, looking at the old Brightvale citizen, his face marked with bewilderment. “Is that you?”

“You got me there...” King Hagan smiled and said with a very hearty laugh as he stood up, holding his books. “How'd you know it was me?”

We were all surprised, especially me. 'I knew it! He was King Hagan, all right!' I thought. I felt honored, and at the same time, so happy. Ruru and I were together again, and I was even able to meet King Hagan! I felt I was the luckiest person in the world.

“What a very wise and intelligent petpet you got there,” King Hagan said to Ruru as he patted my head. I couldn't help but blush at such a compliment. “Make sure you take very good care of Erriol...and read to him a lot of books.”

Ruru nodded enthustiastically as she grinned. Of course she didn't want to lose me again, and it was the same for me. “I promise!”

That was really an unforgettable experience for me. Days later, Ruru came to me and gave me a gift. I found out later that it was a paintbrush when she took me to the Petpet puddle.

“I'm sorry if this is all I could get you,” Ruru said, showing me the Plushie petpet paintbrush, “I wanted to paint you into a Pirate one, though. But I didn't have enough to buy one, so I bought this.”

It didn't matter to me. I smiled and jumped in the petpet puddle anyway. Not everyone gets to be a Plushie Angelpuss.

Although sometimes people confuse me for a plushie instead of a petpet, and sometimes Ruru mistakens me for a pillow whenever she sleeps, I really like being a plushie Angelpuss. And besides, Plushie Angelpi are really cute, don't you think so?

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