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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Ally
Owner: lllayka
Pet Name: Quiquagga
Breed: Altachuck

About Ally:
A red Quiggle, followed by an Altachuck, enters the stage. “Hello,” the Quiggle says. “Is this where I audition my pet for Petpet Spotlight?”

You nod. “Yes it is.”

“Can I audition now?” the Quiggle asks nervously.

“Sure!” you reply. “What is your name?”


“Well then, fire away!”

You see the Altachuck look around nervously and say, “Okay, here it goes.” Of course, she couldn’t have said that, since Petpets don’t talk. And she never opened her mouth to say this. But then who did? Your thoughts are interrupted as Quiquagga begins his speech.

“Okay then, here it goes.” The Quiggle sighs and continues talking. “This here is an Altachuck, one of the best Petpets any Neopet could have! Let me tell you why Ally, my pet, is the greatest Petpet ever.

“She has a great personality. She is very social and loves to be around other Petpets and even Neopets. Although she is often grumpy,” the Altachuck frowns and sticks her tongue out at Quiquagga as he says this, “she is still very lovable. Ally is also very, very smart.” Ally nods at this. “She can understand what we say and she loves to read and write too. I don’t know how she learned to do these things, but she does them all very well.

“Ally can also communicate with Neopets. This I also can’t explain, but she seems to be able to communicate with us through her thoughts.” He looks at Ally. “Right?” he asks her, a bit uncertain. She grins and nods again. You hear a voice say “That’s true.” You can’t help but think this is getting to be very weird. Maybe it’s a prank?

“Well, I also wanted to have her recite a poem she wrote. Ally, would you please read him the poem?” the Quiggle asks. He hands the Altachuck a piece of paper with words on it. She breathes in a large amount of air as if she’s nervous. Then, she stares at it, as if she’s reading. At the same time, you hear a voice say:

I’m an Altachuck from Altador
And you can call me Ally.
I am special ‘cause I can speak
With Neopets, all mentally.

Don’t ask me how I do it,
‘Cause really, I’m not sure.
It just came with me when I was born
Like my eyes, my paws, my fur.

At first my owner was kinda worried
So we went to the doctor’s one day.
The doctor said I was just special,
And that it was really all okay.

Then my owner had the great idea,
Of bringing me here to see,
If I could win the Petpet Spotlight
And get a neat trophy!

So this is all I have to say,
I hope you liked what I just read.
I’d like to thank you for listening,
All of the things this Petpet’s just said!

“Thanks Ally!” the Quiggle whispers to the grinning Altachuck as she bows down. “Well, that’s all basically,” he says. “I hope you will consider giving Ally the Spotlight. Thanks for taking your time to listen to us!”

“Thank you,” you say.

He does a small bow and begins to walk towards the door. Ally starts to follow him, stops for a moment and waves. At the same time, you hear the voice say “Bye!”, and then the Altachuck scurries to catch up with her owner.

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