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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Altitude
Owner: greeneyed_supermodel
Pet Name: Cecy_pet
Breed: Altachuck

About Altitude:

My name is Altitude, and I am an Altachuck.
This here that you are reading right this moment, now, is my letter of entrance to the petpet spotlight.

In my day (which isn't that long ago when I come to think about it) I had to fill out many a, erm... what’s the name for it? Uhm, Job Application! That's it!

Any way, what was I saying? Ah, yes, Job Application. Well, I thought having the honour of an amazing petpet spotlight win was almost as important as a job, so, this here, what you are reading right now, this moment, is my "Job" Application.

I think I am a good choice for the petpet spotlight for many reasons. Of which I will hopefully cover all of in this here letter, though I may run out of space, so early apologies if that is the case.

I am a cute petpet. I say this, hoping you wont think me conceited. I have not done a great many of awesome, amazing things, but I have done little things, which are greatly appreciated at the receiving end.

Choosing a petpet is tough. What If you find, the perfect, cutest, toughest petpet and you then see the price. Oh no, you think, here is the best petpet, and I can't afford it! Well I am a petpet (still not conceited though!!) who is cute, and tough, loyal, kind AND affordable. My Head-Boss (greeneyed_supermodel) only paid, I think it was, 4, 765 nps for me. See what I mean affordable?

Wow, what have we covered so far?
I am cute, tough, loyal, kind, affordable and intelligent (we have covered this, seeing as I am writing my own Application)
Let me expand on that. Obviously you can just see how cute I am from just looking at me: D, and tough with my sharp claws and bulky (yet cute) appearance. However, how shall I demonstrate my loyalty?

I think calling upon a true story is in order.

It was nighttime, and I was running through the trees of the haunted wood with my owners, Cecy_pet and greeneyed_supermodel. All of a sudden, Edna appears in front of me. Having being warned by my owners not to trust anyone in these woods, as they not only change the surroundings, but the people in them as well, I was not sure how to react.

Cess and Nell didn’t see Edna, and Cess just kept galloping fast, toward the deserted fairground, where I knew we were headed. I tried to call out but Edna grabbed me and held her paw over my mouth.

‘Crrrr! Crrr!’ I only just managed through her fingers but it was no use, Cess and Nell were long gone.

I looked toward my captor and noticed her eyes were rolling and she didn’t seem fully awake. Yet, she was capable of speech.

‘My dear child,’ She said, sounding like sandpaper on copper. ‘I can see you are poor,’ Here, I would just like to cut in and say that you may think Nell does not look poor but the only reason my owner, aunts and uncles are painted, or have high levels is because of a very lucky incident, one year ago. Nell found a draik-morphing potion on the floor of the Cheat! room and traded it for a fair amount of cash and all nine pieces of the secret laboratory map, and she spent the other money on petpet lab map pieces, any way, back to the story.

‘I can see you are poor. Why don’t you leave your cruel masters, and come and serve me?’ Rasped Edna. ‘I will give you the most ultimate treatment you can imagine!’

I screamed, knowing full well that Edna would not treat me with kindness. Many other petpets would turn to her side, just for money and power, but not I, oh, no! I fought the powers of the woods ad burrowed all the way to the deserted fairgrounds; Where Cess and Nell finally were re-united with me.

Now you can see I am loyal as well as cute, tough, and affordable.

Now I have no more time or space for further proof that I am the choice for you, but wish you good entries, not only from me.

Please consider thoroughly,
Yours sincerely,

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