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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Monev
Owner: elemental_falcon
Pet Name: JoeJyub
Breed: Spyder

About Monev:
It was early April and through out all of Neopia the sun was shining bright… except for one place, The Haunted Woods. I was with my family the day I met my new best friend.

“So where are we going?” my sister Genradasa said. “I told you five times! The Deserted Fairgrounds!” my other sister Sarenalee sniped. “Okay everyone! Take a chill pill.” My owner Falcon said. Icekazu was perched on her shoulder. She was pretty scared. “F- Falcon,” she said with fear caught her throat “Are the rumors true?” Falcon looked next to her and asked “What rumors?”

“The rumors about the Fairgrounds! Some pets say it is haunted by a legion of evil ghosts and monsters!” she shouted. “Icekazu,” I said “How many times do I have to tell you that Falcon’s sock draw is not haunted!” My siblings were cracking up… except for Falcon of course. Finally Falcon looked at Icekazu. “Don’t worry there is no such things as monsters… but then again... why do you exists Joe?” she grinned at me.

“Touché…” I said as my siblings giggled. “Look! There it is!” Sarenalee shouted in joy. There we saw old rides loom over dead trees and attractions were scattered everywhere. Icekazu flew off my owner’s shoulder and said “Let’s go!”

~ * ~

I marveled at the fairgrounds. Many pets were there along with their owners. All types of noises could be heard. “Okay. Joe you stay with Icekazu. And Sarenalee you will stay with Genradasa.” She told us. “What? Why?” Genradasa asked. But it was too late… she had vanished.

So I was stuck with my sister. “Want to play some coconut shy?” I asked her. “What’s that?” she asked me. “I’ll show you.” I said as I slithered towards the booth that had various coconuts lined up on small pillars. The Quiggle explained the rules to Icekazu (charging us 50 NP). I watched her hold up the coconut when suddenly she screamed.

“Eeek! Get it off me Joe!” she screamed. A Spyder had landed on top of her head and refused to get off. “Hold still!” I yelled. But she just kept flapping and screaming. I finally had enough and threw one of the coconuts at her… well it did the trick.

“Ow… Joe!” she whined. I ignored her for that the Spyder he landed on my left wing. “Hey there little fellow.” I said to it. It seemed to like me. And I decided to keep him. After I explained to my owner how I found the little fellow she asked me (from a far distance) “What are you going to call it?” I looked at him. I finally said “Venom.” “Venom? How about… Monev?” Falcon suggested. “Falcon… you just spelled ‘venom’ backwards.” I said.

“Yeah but it sounds way cooler!” she said happily. And of course she was right. And from that day on, me and Monev were the best of buds. And I never ever would want to get rid of the cute little guy!

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