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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Kaida
Owner: blackacid
Pet Name: CrimsonPaw
Breed: Gallion

About Kaida:
Hello citizen. Do not be alarmed, but I have something... disturbing to tell you. You are no doubt wondering who I am, but for reasons of security I cannot tell you my name. ...What's that? Kaida? Pff, that's what my ridiculous owner calls me, but that is not my name.

I work for a secret agency of petpets that protects the unsuspecting citizens of Neopia from evils they are unaware of. We usually take care of our business quietly, but this new threat comes from inside the agency itself. Our last leader recently had an... accident, and so we elected a new leader. But the petpet who charmed his way into the lead position is planning something dastardly, and only I know what it is.

There was one other in the agency who foresaw what would happen, a Primella name Princess. But she was foolish and tried to face our new leader directly, and he had her and her owner... frozen.

Patience, I am going to tell you about his plan. You see, while Neopia has been distracted blaming Meepits for every misfortune, an even greater evil has been silently preparing to take Neopia for itself. What I'm speaking of is... the Beekadoodles. Just look at them, with their sharp beaks and beady eyes. You can tell they are plotting something. Do not be fooled by their meek appearance; they have been silently training themselves for battle.

Tired of being under appreciated and ignored, the Beekadoodles are planning a revolution unlike any that Neopia has ever experienced. Their leader is a red Beekadoodle named Rethil, and it is he who is the new leader of our secret agency. Over the past year he has been holding secret meetings to which only Beekadoodles can attend, disguising them as book club meetings. At these meetings he uses his charisma to rile up the population of Beekadoodles, convincing them they deserve more than six colors and a handful of items to their name. They now follow him loyally and it is impossible to convince them otherwise.

Rethil plans to use his power as the agency's leader to send all of our agents on false missions far away, and while they are distracted, his armies will fill the skies. Caught unprepared, the fair citizens of Neopia will be forced to surrender to Rethil's evil ways, becoming slaves to the Beekadoodles. By the time the members of the agency realize they have been had, it will be too late.

We must not let this happen! You must help us! Prepare your pets for battle! Do not let yourselves be taken by surprise!

What's that? Won't I get in trouble for giving this information? Yes, and that is why I must go into hiding quickly. Rethil has spies are everywhere. Do not worry about me though, I have good connections. I am, after all, a secret agent.

You all probably think I'm crazy, but I'm not! I'M NOT I SAY! YOU'LL SEE! YOU'LL ALL SEE! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

*Kaida disappears in a puff of smoke*

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