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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Snuggles
Owner: pinkheart01
Pet Name: Rhurane
Breed: Plushie Snarhook

About Snuggles:
"Ouch! What's that for?" I screamed as a pinch tingled up my spine.
"For being a newbie in our pack! You see Snuggles, we have a very tight family. Almost like a clan! Yeah, a clan that's it! To join our "clan" you must be very special. Our "clan" choses only the best of the best, that's why I was chosen. My question is though, why did they want you? Seriously man, you're just like a living stuffed animal. We have plenty of those around here. They said that I would be the only petpet in this "clan" for a while! They lied to me! Wait, maybe they didn't... Alright newbie, get in position. We're having a good clean fight. The winner stays and the looser, packs their stuff and hits the road. One.. Two.. Three!"
Boom! Wawa landed with a thud as he pounced on me. I never knew that being a new family member caused this much trouble. Should I fight back? No, no, I'd get in trouble. Should I call for help? No! That's what baby petpets do! I need to just protect myself and someone will come fo-
"Wawa! What has gotten into you? This is terrible! Time out for you mister. Snuggles! Oh my poor baby! What did that nasty Wawa do to you? Your stuffing is falling out. I'll sew that up for you later. Just wait here, I'll be right back with my sewing kit." My Mumsie, Rhurane cooed.
So, I bet you're totally confused. Wondering what the heck is going on? Let me start back from the begining.
At 4:50 NST, a human with her 3 pets wondered into a petpet store. All 200 pets including me perked up, danced, sung, and did whatever we do best. I didn't have anything special to do. Only sit there. I wasn't expecting any traffic of people to come my way, so I settled back down to my nap. Suddenly, a loud "Come over here! A plushie was stuffed into a cage! Where's the petpet?" One of the pets shouted. How embarrising! They were talking about me and they didn't even know that I was alive! I woke up quickly and stood on my chubby back legs. "Oh, look now! It's some sort of plushie pet!" The same pet yelled. My nose is very large, but to look cute, I stuck it through the cage bars pretending to sniff the pet's paws. The pet oohed and awwhed until the pet's owner came over. "Can we get it? Please! Please! We promise to do extra chores! We all will pay you back!" The begging must have taken effect, because the next thing I knew, I was going to a home! Who's petpet was I going to be? I hope they love me! My questions were answered when the same blue lupe named Rhurane told me that our next stop was to go to the pound and adopt a pet that they've been waiting to adopt and welcome to the family for ages! I was going to be it's welcome present! This is such an exciting day!
About an hour later, I was still anxiously waiting, when 4 sad faces trudged out of the pound. One belonged to the owner and 3 belonged to the three other pets.
"We didn't get there in time. Somene else had just finished writing the paperwork." The blue lupe explained. My eyes widened and I knew I would begin to cry. Then I knew that I didn't even know the strange pet in the pound. What I really wanted was to be around the blue lupe. She was the only one who talked to me and who atually treated me with love. I had a plan.
I curled up in the lupe's lap.Yawned, then pretended to fall asleep. "Aww. Look at the little thing!" The lupe seemed to be dazzled by my trick. "I don't have a petpet. I've been saving up my Neopoints and I have 15,156 right now. If I can keep him, then I would pay you every Neopoint I've ever saved up." A smile creased over the owner's mouth. She nodded, but told the lupe to continue saving. It was her treat. The lupe pranced up and down then landed a full back flip. "You're staying! I'll be your best Mumsie ever! Oh, we'll have a magnificent time together! I love you" I couldn't talk, so I snuggled up against my new Mum.
So, here I am today. Waiting to be stiched up. *Yawn* Telling my life story to so many people can make a petpet tired. Zzzzzzz "Owch! Mum, do you have to sew me up when I'm asleep?"
Wink Wink.

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