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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Psilly
Owner: snapleberry
Pet Name: __Kor__Kor__
Breed: Psimouse

About Psilly:
“Mom, why can’t I have a petpet like everyone else?” asked __Kor__Kor__. “I haven’t found the right one for you yet.” I replied as we walked past a shop containing some especially rare ones. It was the truth; I only buy petpets that are perfect for my neopets. I had yet to find that special one for __Kor__Kor__. Then one day, I walked pass the Spooky Petpet shop, and I found it. A Psimouse. PERFECT!As I triumphantly walked home with the little guy, I began to worry if __Kor__Kor__ would like him. My walk became slower and slower. Ah, but my pet was overjoyed at the sight of him when I returned home! “Awww, he’s so cute! Look at his little umbrella!” she said. “Wow, I think I picked the best one in the store!” I thought. And then a little voice said “Aw, shucks.”I suddenly realized the voice came from the Psimouse. And that it had READ MY MIND. “How did you do that?” I asked the little petpet. “What, read your mind? Oh, that’s easy, my third eye acts as an extra ear, so I can hear things no one else can hear. Sometimes I can even hear upcoming weather. Oh, and that picnic you were planning this weekend should be canceled, it’s gonna rain.As I look back on that day, I wonder how long I stood there, eyes bulging and jaw dropped. I had not known I had bought a fortune teller as well as a petpet. Finally, to break the silence, __Kor__Kor__ scooped up the little Psimouse and said, “I’ll call you Psilly ‘cause you’re silly and psychic. Thanks, Mom!” and the she ran upstairs to her room to play with her new pet.I have to admit, I was kind of scared of that little guy, with him knowing what I’m thinking and all. I feared for my privacy. He kept answering questions I asked myself in my head, it was creepy. I overlooked the cuteness and I began to dislike the creature more and more. Then one day, I had had enough. “I’m returning that thing to the store.” I told __Kor__Kor__. “But, Mom…” “No ‘buts’” I warned her. Now go get “Psilly”.As I prepared a box to store the psimouse for the trip, a little voice came from the floor, “We need to talk”. I knew who it was I tried not to think too loud in my head. I acted like I didn’t hear him. “Please?” I sighed and bent down to talk to him. “What?” I asked sharply. “When I read your mind, I thought you thought of it as a privilege, so I kept doing it.” It was true, he was never around when I thought badly of him. “I can stop if you want me to”. He continued.I walked upstairs to __Kor__Kor__’s room, and found her on her bed, crying. I sat next to her and explained what had happened. She was overjoyed when I said we could keep him. And we did. He’s been a handful, but it’s worth it. It ends up he LOVES books, so he got along with Christmas_lover3782 well. We copied our books into sizes just right for him. And he has never read my mind since. Well, as far as I know

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