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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Lucyfer
Owner: x_seabee_x
Pet Name: Noctuina
Breed: Mutant Ona

About Lucyfer:
We now continue with our feature presentation of The Seven Year Eitchtwoo starring Marilyn MonrONA... *cue showtunes*

HEY! *soundtrack abruptly stops* Move along you! This is MY spotlight! *pushes dancing korbats and twirling zafaras out of the way*

Hi this is Lucyfer. *points down* *!* Well she was here a minute ago... Hmmm...well Lu is Noctuina's mutant ona. But don't say that in front of her cause Lu thinks she is the boss. I think she is the boss. She showed up one day while the whole family was visiting the Virtupets Space Station and since then, Ina (as we call Noctuina) and Lu have been inseperable. Quite scary really. I always hear them whispering and I can only catch a few words... sloth... domination... socks. I try to ignore it, but when they spend hours in their room I start to worry. I have even heard rumors of their involement in all the major wars--the meridell wars, lost desert...they were even said to have been behind the point system int he maraquan war! *somewhere a baby cries* They even picked up another friend along the way--a squippit by the name of Pokes. He's...well...lets just say he stares a lot. But as long as they are having fun and they don't get into too much trouble I let them be. Sometimes though I have to grumble at the way Lu treats her brother Jono. He's my krawks petpet. He always tries to play with Lu and usually gets the boot...poor Jono. I mean look at the picture...Jono going through his candy this past halloween and Lu just want to be a terror. Petpets do the darndest things...don't they?

Maybe I should comment on her looks. I think she is the cutest thing, don't you? The "bat-esque" wings and cresent moon quite remind me of Ina. I like her even more because she looks different from the other onas. The horns, the glowing eyes, the...cute button nose? She is safe from most predators cause she looks so terrifying! So I know she and Ina are protected. And erm... Pokes too I suppose.

WE INTERRUPT THIS SPOTLIGHT TO BRING YOU THE FOLLOWING ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Dr. Sloth speaks: *ahemclearsthroat* *slams fist on table* The grundos of Kreludor have gone on strike after one such pet was folded neatly and inserted into the neocola machine to purchase a can of Minion Maid. Protesters say that the strike could last until grundos are treated better by the employees of the Virtupets Space Station. The suspect has not been apprehended, but sources say that he is green and was last seen wearing a black robe with red trim. *!* back to the spotlight. *runs away* *police chia runs Sloth down and attempts the handcuff* *sloth blasts chia with a sleep ray* *sloth feels sorry for chia and leaves doughnutfruit to apologize*

Ok.... o.O

Erm...I better go find Lu now...and Ina. Kinda worried...

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