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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Swimming, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 38 > Short Stories > A Day in the Life of an Average Neopian

A Day in the Life of an Average Neopian

by 2002cec2002

I woke up with a start. 2002bouncy2002 (I call her Bouncy) was bouncing up and down on my chest, and it was rather painful. I checked my alarm clock, and it showed 5:29. With a sudden, loud ring, it changed to 5:30, and that is where I began my day.

I sat up, and pulled on some clothes. Then we went downstairs into 02beauty02's bedroom, to wake her up. Bouncy is the only one allowed on the second floor. It's my personal floor. Well, she's meant to be the only one. She has her private bedroom, and a spare room for guests. One night I caught Bouncy in her room, and Cutey fast asleep in the spare. I didn't say anything, though. I think I might let her up as well, but I still want it to be private.

Anyway, we could immediately tell that we were in Beauty's bedroom; clothes were scattered along the whole room, slung over the backs of chairs, and squeezed into her six wardrobes. I sighed--Beauty always took forever to get up. I gave her a gentle shake, and whispered "Beauty", but nothing happened. I shook her harder, and said it again, louder. Nothing. I shook her hard, called "Beauty" at the top of my voice, but she merely rolled over and went on sleeping.

"Try to wake her up!" I told Bouncy, and I walked into 2002KiKi2002's bedroom, which was completely different. Walking over to her bed, the clothes I stepped over to get to Beauty's bed were replaced by assorted Battledome items, codestones, and KiKi's collection of battle cards. When I got to her bed, I poked KiKi in the shoulder and she instantly sprang into action, leaping out of bed, shouted good morning, and dashing into Beauty's bedroom to help wake her up.

Then I woke up 2002cutey2002. Her bedroom was different again. She had posters all over the walls of Usuki dolls, like Beauty's faerie posters and KiKi's Battledome advertisements. Bouncy had posters too; they were of all the concerts I took her to. Cutey also had loads of shelves, coating all the walls. On them were all her Usuki dolls. One had fallen off, but I didn't bother to put it back.

"Cutey!" I called, whilst I shook her gently. She sat up, yawned, and picked up the Tyrannian Usuki doll which had fallen off the shelf.

We walked back to Beauty's bedroom, where complete chaos met our eyes. Bouncy was jumping on her bed, KiKi was smashing her with her pillow, and both were shouting at the tops of their voices. Suddenly Beauty sat up, and pushed them off. "Did I sleep in again?" She asked, and we all cracked up laughing.

We all went into the bathroom, and I ran a warm bath whilst they brushed their teeth. I took their orders for breakfast, and left them to chat in the bath tub whilst I made breakfast.

Once I got into the kitchen, I pulled open the fridge door and began preparing breakfast. "A diet Neocola for Beauty, a normal Neocola for KiKi, a chocolate milk for Cutey, and, erm, what was it?" I muttered to myself, pulling the drinks out of the fridge. "Oh, yeah. A grapity slushie for Bouncy." I recited, and pulled out some bacon, eggs, and sausages. Then I started to put it all out on the zen table, when shrieks and screams echoed from the bathroom.

"What happened?" I called, as I ran through the entrance corridor to the bathroom. It became obvious as soon as I opened the door--Bouncy was using her tail to make waves at the others, whilst KiKi laughed, Cutey giggled, and Beauty protested wildly. "Silly!" I said to Bouncy, as I ruffled her fur. I tried my hardest to scold her, but her big blue eyes got the better of me. They went to get dressed, and I went into Bouncy's room to help her with Angelicuss, her Robot Angelpuss, who had woken up and was destroying the bedroom.

Angelicuss was leaping around the room, and Damned From Birth, a Halloween Puppyblew, was scribbling on the walls with Cutey's official Usuki pens. I took a bite out of the colourful wall, which instantly grew back--being made of chocolate was a big perk!

Cutey came in, half dressed, looking for her pens. She complained the pen lids were squashed, and five minutes later I had Official Usuki Pens added to my shopping list.

OK, I'm going on about all this like it's been all day, but seriously, keep reading. A little pet intro before I continue? Okay then.

2002bouncy2002 is my favourite pet, but don't tell the others that. I plan to paint her fire, so any offers for paint brushes would be appreciated :-) !!! She is currently a yellow Meerca with rather bad stats, but a great personality! She wasn't my first pet or anything, I just think she's adorable!!!

2002cutey2002 is my second favourite. She is a yellow Usul who I plan to paint Striped one day. Unfortunately she has rather bad stats too, but it can't be helped!!!

2002KiKi2002 is my third favourite. I like her sporty attitude, and would rather like to paint her Faerie, so offers would be nice. She has bad stats too, but she's really, really sporty and flying would be another great sport to add to her list. If I can find a paint brush, though.

Finally, 02Beauty02 is my fourth favourite, and don't EVER call her my worst. I hate having to wake her up, and she goes on MEGA diets a lot. I'd like to paint her Rainbow, so offers. I really need loads of paint brushes!!! Beauty loves clothes and make-up, and she is a really nice pet.

OK, now you know the main characters, on to me…

My name is 2002cec2002 and I love playing Neopets!!! I have four wonderful pets and I enjoy Meerca Chase, Go! Go! Go! and Cheat! I also play Pyramids and Scarab 21 a lot, and my brother and Mum LOVE to play Destruct-O-Match. I like to make friends, so Neofriend offers will nearly always be accepted!!!

Back to the story...

I went back to the kitchen, and prepared breakfast. I set the table, and put a huge plate of sausages, baked beans, eggs and bacon on the table, ready to be eaten. I then pulled out an Ice Creamy Jelly Smoothie and an extra plate for me. Right on cue, the others came in for breakfast, and we all sat down and tucked in happily, whilst I figured out what to do that day.

"So what do you lot want to do today?" I asked them all, and they all chewed thoughtfully whilst they thought. I cleared away the plates, and they all chewed on fruit from the bowl whilst they told me.

"I want to go to the beauty parlour, and then go get some new clothes, and then hang out with the Uni who runs the clothes store, and then go to Usukiland, and THEN go to Faerieland and talk to some of the faeries!!!" Said Beauty, all in one breath. I sighed, and asked KiKi.

"I want to go to the battle item shop, then go to Mystery Island and train all day, then go to Terror Mountain and cool off!!!" Said KiKi excitedly. I thought for a minute, then asked Cutey.

"I want to go to Usukiland and buy a new doll and some new pens, then talk to the owner of the store, then go chat to the beauty parlour owner and get a new red lipstick, then get a slushie, and then go to Tyrannia and explore!!!" Said Cutey. I thought all this over, then asked Bouncy.

"I'd like to go to the shops, ALL of them, then go and play some games, then go to the Lost Desert and explore, then go to Terror Mountain for a slushie, then go to Faerieland and chat to the faeries!!!" she said. I thought all their ideas over, then smiled.

"OK. We'll do the main shops, then we split up. KiKi goes to Mystery Island, Beauty can go to Terror Mountain, Cutey can go to Tyrannia and Bouncy can stick with me. We'll meet up at Faerieland at about six and come back for lunch. Then, we'll all go out to the market and find Beauty some new clothes, KiKi a codestone or two, and possibly some battle items, Cutey some Usuki dolls and stuff, and Bouncy some toys and fuzzles. Plus, I was thinking, if we have enough money, we could go to the PetPet puddle and look at all the PetPets in the cages, and we might get you two some PetPets, and finally we'll come back for dinner." I told them, and they all squealed with excitement. I handed them all some grapes, and they ran to their rooms to get their leftover allowance from last week. I gave them all this week's allowance, and we walked down to the shops.

We all skipped along, and I checked the time. It was 6:30. We went to the explore store, and caught a boat off to Terror Mountain. When we arrived we walked up to the ice caves, where we went to the Snowager's cave. I tiptoed in, grabbed a purple negg, and dashed out with it. We all cheered, and I put it in my backpack for later.

Once we were back on dry land, I bought them each a new collar and we all split up to go to different shops. We met up next to the food shop, and I got some chocolate milk and some cheese and onion crisps for us to snack on.

We went back to the Explore Store, and I booked all our boats/planes. Bouncy and I waved goodbye to each of them in turn, before turning back and walking off to the games room.

The games room was one of Bouncy's favourite places. She loves to help me play Cheat! and enjoys playing Go! Go! Go! with me.

We went to the Meerca Chase stall. I put in my card, typed in my details and soon was fiddling around with the controls. Bouncy was really excited and jumped up and down behind me. Suddenly I crashed into a red negg, and selected the send score button. Bouncy was ready for it, but even so she jumped when Neopoints came pouring out of the machine. We both laughed, and I played it a second and third time, whilst we joked and had fun. I added up all our Neopoints, and we had nearly 10000 altogether!!! We ran down to the Cheat! table, and were soon playing the final round. "Four Kings" said Spectre. "CHEAT!!!" I shouted, as I had two kings. He turned over the cards, and they were a queen, a five and two tens. Bouncy and I laughed, and continued to play until we had over 15000 Neopoints.

Then we decided to go to the shops, and we bought loads of cool stuff, and then we went to the Explore Store and got on a flight to Tyrannia.

It was early in the morning still, so we bought a concert ticket. "OH WOW!!!" screamed Bouncy, and showed me a purple Faerie in a bottle. "It's soooo gorgeous!!!" she squealed, and I put it in my backpack.

We entered the concert hall, and I laughed because Blue Kacheek Group were playing, and it was both mine and Bouncy's favourite band. "You're the best owner in the world!" said Bouncy, when we got outside. I grabbed some omelette and we chewed happily whilst we played Go! Go! Go! We skipped along to the wheel of mediocrity, where we won 100 Neopoints. "Cool!" said Bouncy, watching several buzzes flying by singing one of the Blue Kacheek Group's songs.

We caught a flight to Faerieland, and did loads of jobs until we had a blue job coupon and 20000 Neopoints. Then we went to the wheel of excitement, and won 500 Neopoints. As I was in a good mood, we went to the Faerieland Book Store and I bought her a new book, which I instantly read to her as she was getting bored.

We hung around at all the different places in Faerieland, until it was six. Then we chatted to the water faerie whilst several different planes appeared, and soon all four of us were nibbling on Fruity Faerie Fingers whilst we talked. We caught the plane back to Neopia Central, and went home.

"I bought some brand new Usuki Pens, plus a fantastic new Snowy Valley Usuki Set and loads of cool food!" said Cutey.

"Check out my new scarf!" said Beauty, pulling a beautiful new scarf out of a bag, "and I got this great gold lipstick, plus a fantastic new pink blush!" she held out the new make-up.

"I trained LOADS, then I got a slushie and I went to the garage sale and chatted to the Chias. Then I went to the shops and got a fantastic new Main Codestone for only 1000 Neopoints!!!" squealed KiKi excitedly.

"Well, we went to the games room and played loads of games and then we went to the concert and had omelette and then we went to Faerieland and had fun!" boasted Bouncy.

We were nearly home when KiKi stopped. "I think there's something in that bush" she said. I looked, and suddenly a Faerie Queen rolled out of it. Bouncy grabbed it, and we all cheered. "I can't believe we got two faeries in one day!" I said, and Bouncy explained how we found the Dark Faerie in Tyrannia.

"Cool!" they all said, and I unlocked the front door.

Instantly they all leapt in, and I began making lunch whilst they played in their rooms. Lunch was our purple negg with loads of different puddings, like apple pies and ice creams and all sorts of cakes and chocolates. We had the drinks we'd had that morning, except Cutey who had a Caffeine Free Neocola

I'd just finished clearing the plates when Beauty and KiKi leapt up, and started chatting about PetPets. I got the hint, and five minutes later we were all skipping off to the PetPet Puddle.

KiKi liked the Moltenore, but Beauty wanted one of the spooky PetPets she saw people with. "Let's go to the Shop Wizard, mum!" said KiKi, desperate to get a Moltenore.

Disaster struck. The Shop Wizard couldn't find any Moltenores for less than 100,000. KiKi nearly cried, so we went to one of the stalls to see if they would go any cheaper.

We got to the stall, and instantly saw all sorts of PetPets in cages around the shop. Their ears pricked, so we went inside.

Instantly Beauty ran to a row of Spooky PetPets, whilst I chatted to the store owner, and Bouncy, Cutey, Angelicuss and Damned From Birth looked at the PetPet paint brushes.

Beauty squealed, so I went to look at what she was watching. The cage she was looking at contained a Baby Vampire curled up in the corner. She stared at it, and I checked the price. It was only 2,000 Neopoints! I grabbed the cage and put it next to the till, ready to pay for it. KiKi screamed when she saw it, but she had an Abominable Snowball in a cage with her so she didn't really mind. I checked the price, and bought them both. They came to a total of only 2,999 Neopoints! I'd paid nearly twice that for Angelicuss! All in a good mood, we walked home for dinner.

For dinner I prepared some of the Faerie Food we had bought earlier. Beauty had Fruity Faerie Fingers, KiKi went for Fluffy Faerie Pancakes, Cutey decided on Flaming Fire Faerie Pizza, Bouncy had some Fiery Faerie Chicken Nuggets and I had a Bacon Belly Buster. I decided to treat everyone, and I squeezed the juice out of the leftovers of the purple negg, so we drank that. It tasted delicious, and we all had purple stains running down our chins after about three sips! (Hey, you try drinking freshly squeezed negg juice without looking like Beauty's new Baby Vampire!)

We had donuts and pudding, and afterwards we play-fought with KiKi's old battle items, dressed up in Beauty's clothes, played dolls with Cutey's Usuki Dolls and played games with Bouncy's fuzzles. At about ten o'clock I tucked them in and read them each a bedtime story, before sneaking upstairs to relax on my zen bed.

The End

Author's Note: This story is exactly what happened one day, though it may sound made up. I hope you enjoyed it, as it took me three days to write it!!!

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