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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 31 > Continuing Series > Al and the Dips: Part Two

Al and the Dips: Part Two

by al_the_chia

Back to the Base...

Fluffy paused. The trail of prints stopped dead right at the base of a small tree. He glared all over, but couldn't find a single mark anywhere else. "Hiss…" He looked at the tree. Carefully, he knocked on the side. It thunked back a metallic echo. Fluffy smiled. Looking around the tree, he found a tiny branch sticking out near the base. After a few jumps, Fluffy managed to clamp onto it with his mouth and pull it down. Suddenly, the entire ground began to shake. Fluffy screeched as an elevator emerged from right under the tree. It opened up with a pleasant 'Ding'.

"Welcome to the super secret base of Creeper the Thief," a voice said. "Watch your step as you enter the elevator, and please enjoy your stay. Thank you."

Soon, cheesy music started playing (Peacepaw's Elevator Music CD). Fluffy shuddered at the horrible music, then slithered in. It closed with another 'Ding', then sank back into the ground…

Fluffy emerged into a large, warehouse-like room, filled with all sorts of rare and valuable items. He passed a shelf of counterfeit Codestones, turned by a pile of bottle faeries, and paused to admire a hoard of stolen paint brushes. But Little D. was nowhere to be found. Suddenly, Fluffy heard a voice singing a song in a loud, annoying voice. He closed his hood in around his head, a Cobrall sign of annoyance, cringing. "DOO BEE DOO LA LA DOO BEEE DOOOOO !!!!"

After making sure his ears were protected, Fluffy followed the annoying voice down an aisle of stolen Gourmet foods to find a small figure, perched on a chair on top of a huge pile of books. "LA LA LA LA LAAAAA!!" Little Dippaw sang.

After Creeper had left, and with a little work, he had managed to spit out the sock, and without anything to do, decided to start singing. Fluffy looked up at him. He stopped singing and looked down. "Hey!! It's a Cobrall!! Pops told me about Cobralls!!"

Fluffy slithered up the mountain of books, then untied Dippaw with a slice of his fangs.

"Thanks a bunch, Mr. Cobrall!" Dippaw said with a grin. "Let's go back to Pops!" Fluffy nodded, then traveled back down the pile of books, Dippaw following behind. But Dippaw was suddenly seized by a curious urge as he passed the toy section. "Wait, I wanna get one of these neat toys!" He snatched a skateboard from the bottom of a huge pile. Fluffy shrieked, but it was too late. The entire pile began to rumble, and with a huge crash, it fell over on top of Fluffy. Dippaw frowned. "Oops…"

"HISSS HISS HISS HISSSSSS!!" Fluffy hissed angrily, his head popping out and flinging an Usuki into the air.

"I'm sorry Mr. Cobrall…" Suddenly, all the other shelves began to rumble. Fluffy wilted as the shelf of faeries, the fake Codestones, and all the other stolen merchandise toppled, smashing against the ground. The freed faeries cheered and began zooming around, destroying Creeper's entire inventory of stolen items with blasts of magic.

"HIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSS!!" Fluffy cried, as a Fire Faerie narrowly missed singing his hood.

"EEEEEEEEEEEKKK!!!" Dippaw shrieked, as a Water Faerie nicked his nose.

The pile of paint brushes they were standing by suddenly began to topple as a group of Earth Faeries pushed against it. Fluffy bravely shoved Dippaw out of harm's way before being lost beneath the mountain of paint. After a few more smashing spells, the vengeful faeries all grouped together and flew away, giggling. The room was silent, Little Dippaw sitting stunned on the floor. Suddenly, a multicoloured head emerged from beneath the paint brushes.

Dippaw gasped. "HOLY KAU!!" Fluffy was looking very diverse, coated in every colour under the sun.

"HIIIIIISSSSSSS!!!" he shrieked, looking at his rainbow coloured tail and fresh Faerie wings.

Dippaw giggled.

"That is SOOOOO COOL!!" Little Dippaw yelled. Suddenly, the elevator rang. It burst open to reveal… CREEPER!! He walked out, humming and holding a stolen Garden Gnome.

"Hm HM HM hmm…" he paused, looking at the destruction and damage to his warehouse. His mouth fell open as he dropped the lawn gnome. It crashed against the ground as he began to scream. "AUUUUUGH!! My stolen goods!! RUINED!!"

Dippaw stood up and smiled. He called out and waved obliviously. "HEY!! It's that Lawn Gnome! Lawn Gnome!! Over here!! Hey!!…"

Fluffy had stuffed a paint brush into the pup's mouth, but it was too late.

Creeper whirled around and gasped. "WHAT?!?! Fluffy the Cobrall? And the brat?" Creeper snarled angrily. "I should have gnome… erm, known!!" Creeper reached into his pocket, pulling out a Sparkshooter. "This is the last time you and your pathetic owner ever ruin my plans again, Fluffy! Prepare to be blasted!"

Fluffy hissed angrily, and spit into Creeper's eyes.

"NOT AGAIN!!" Creeper screamed. He toppled onto the ground, blinded. Suddenly, a stray Earth Faerie appeared. She giggled as she poked the cursing Aisha on the nose, then vanished in a puff of green smoke. With a small pop, Creeper turned into a cute little Aisha Lawn Gnome (which sadly, wasn't much different from his original form, other than the clothing). That is when the elevator opened again, this time to reveal Big Dippaw, Al, and his three particularly nasty plants.

"Fluffy? Little D.? What in the name of Fish Neggs is going on here?" Al asked.

Big Dippaw burst out of the elevator and picked up his son. "AH! There ya are, ya little scamp. Don't cha ever run out on me like that again, you hear?"

"But pops, it was SOOOO COOL!!"

"That's it young man. I'm afraid we'll have to take ya home and discuss your manners with your mother."


With that, they exited into the elevator, Big D. sternly lecturing his guilty son.

"Bye, Lawn Gnome!" Little Dippaw cried, before the doors shut. The Bad Seeds glared hungrily at Creeper the gnome, their green tongues running over their lips.

Creeper frowned. "Uh oh…" They pounced upon him, growling and barking. "AHHHHHHHH!!!" Creeper's two long ears and his tail each had a Bad Seed clamped onto them, and he began running around like a mouse caught in a trap. "CUT IT OUT!!" he bellowed.

Suddenly, there was a loud ripping sound. Creeper turned bright purple as he realised it was his pants, and threw the Bad Seeds off with a shake of his head.

"I'M GONNA GET YOU FOR THIS AL!!! I SWEAR ON IT!!" he yelled, before hurling a smoke bomb onto the ground.

And with that, Creeper disappeared, leaving the Bad Seeds triumphantly chewing on his short red gnome pants. Al was looking somewhat confused as he picked up the exhausted Fluffy out of the paint brush pile.

"Good job, Fluffy. Two extra almost Gummy Rats with supper tonight. But first, we'll have to give you a bath…"

Fluffy coiled up tightly (Cobralls hate baths). He slumped down onto Al's head, his Faerie wings fluttering as they boarded the elevator….

And so, Creeper was once again thwarted. Little Dippaw was grounded for a week by his mother, and Al managed to get all the paint off Fluffy. But the Faerie Paint Brush's wings stuck on. And so, for the month until Al could have them surgically removed, Fluffy was the laughingstock of every PetPet in the neighbourhood. But how long until Creeper gets his revenge? Tune in next time for the next thrilling adventure of Al the Luplogist!!…

The End

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