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What a great adventure!

Pet Name: artemis14
Owner: tina14
Breed: Nimmo

About artemis14:

Level: 20
Health: 27/27
Strenght: ULTIMATE (25)
Defence: ULTIMATE (27)
Movement: Mach 3
Intelligence: ULTIMATE GENIOUS (87)
Pet: Flicka, the Cobrall
Abilities: 31

Hello! My name is Artemis14, and I am a Halloween Nimmo. I have had many adventures through out my life, and today I am going to tell you one that I will remember for the rest of my life.

It all started when my owner tina14 gave me my new pet, flicka, I was soooooo happy, and flicka and I became the best of friends. We decided that we were going to go on a holiday in the forest.

When we arrived at the edge of the forest, we said, well, this place looks normal enough, and we started to walk along the track, with our packs, tent, and food, plus some other essentials.

We had walked for 5 hours, and flicka has slithered, we decided to set up camp. I set the tent up, and flicka made a camp fire by carrying stones in his mouth (obviously, because he's a snake) we lit the fire, and cooked sausages, toast, and marshmellows (yummy!!!) The moon had risen up into the sky, and the stars were shining brightly. We were gazing at the stars, when we heard a loud crackling from the fire, a splash from the creek, a rustle in the bushes, an evil laugh from the darkness, and the wind blew hard, and a shooting star flew past, all at the same time.

Out of the fire came the Fire Faerie, out of the water came the Water Faerie, out of the darkness came the Dark Faerie, out of thin air, appeared the Air Faerie, out from behind a tree came the Earth Faerie, a blinding flash, and there appeared the Light Faerie.

I was so frightened, and Flicka had coiled up into what looked like a ball of string. The faeries all held hands, and made a circle, then started to run around, holding hands, get faster, faster, and faster, until they were a blur. in the middle of them, a bluey - green light was getting bigger, and bigger, until it was about as tall as a large tree. They all let go, and hovered in the air. Suddenly, another Faerie appeared from the bluey - green light. It was the Faerie Queen.

I stood up, and bowed. Flicka bent his head. The faeries stood in a line, and started to walk towards us. The Faerie Queen put her hand on my shoulder, and said to me, 'You must find me an emerald from the enchanted willow tree by midnight tonight, otherwise neopia will be lost forever,' I just nodded my head, even though I had no idea where to get an emerald, and even worse, how to get one from a willow tree! They turned, and vanished into thin air, before I had a chance to ask who, what, when, where, how, and why!? Plus, how was I going to find her again?!

After 15 minutes of thinking hard, I looked at my watch, to see that it was 10.00 pm, only 2 hours. Flicka and I packed up our tent, and set off into the woods, not knowing where we were going, and and looking for any sign of emeralds, and willow trees, by 11.00 pm, we had not found a single willow tree, no emeralds, and we had used up 2 batteries in our torch. I was starting to give up hope of ever finding anything, when Flicka started to hiss madly. 'What is it?' I asked him frantically. Flicka slithered towards a huge tree, which was glowing a tiny bit, inside a knot hole. I shone the torch in the hole, to find lots of green shiny crystals. I started to laugh I was soooo happy. I picked up flicka, and kissed him on his head. I grabbed a large emerald, and I started calling, 'Faeries! Faeries! Faerie Queen, I found it! Come wherever you are!' I heard a murmur from behind me, and there was the Faerie Queen, with the other Faeries behind her.
'Thank you so much for finding the emerald of hope. If it wasn't for you, no one outside of Neopia would know it existed,'
'Thanks, but it was my special pet here that found the glowing tree,' I said, going a bit red.

The faeries vanished, and we set up camp. We woke up in the morning to find we were camping on the middle of the track, and a couple of Aishas were trying to get past. We quickly packed up, had some breakfast, and walked back to to carpark, where tina14 was waiting for us.

We told her the whole thing, and she doesn't really believe me, but you and me know it's true.

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