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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

I am a true star!

Pet Name: Star_40361
Owner: puppydotcom
Breed: Kiko

About Star_40361:

I already had one pet, Masaki90. New to the site, I was learning all the time. I had accidently entered a small shop while searching for the soup kitchen in the north shops. Deciding that when I got in the shop fully, I would look around a bit, then turn and search for the kitchen. But when I entered, I saw a burst of light, and I fell to the ground. I blacked out immediately.

When I woke up, I was in an old rusted bed. When I rolled over to see who was making noise to my right, the springs creaked under my weight. My head started to pound, and I quickly turned back over to cease the pain.

I then looked at my surroundings. Masaki90 was at my left in a smaller bed. It seemed as though we had both been knocked out when we fell because of the bright light. Speaking of lights, I noticed that the lights in the room were a dark red, and everything was dim. Masaki90 hadn't woken up yet, so I didn't worry about him. Just then, I heard a voice.

"Ah! You're awake!" said the old crackly voice. I turned over again and ignored the pain. I saw a scraggly old man in long NeoOwner robes. They were the oldest kind I'd ever seen, but I had seen them. In an NeoOwner Robes Museum, where they showed every year's NeoOwner Robes. Every year, Neopets came out with a new robe. When you signed up during that year, you always wore that robe. The robes the man was wearing were the ones of the very first year Neopets was opened! I couldn't believe it! This man was very old!

"H..H..Hello?" I stammered.

"Hi!" said the old man.

"What...who...why.." I began.

"I'm a MMW, name's Orville, and it's fun!" said the man walking toward me.

"What's a MMW? What's fun?" I asked, eager.

"An MMW? It's a Match-Making-Wizard! And Matching's fun!" he cried, messing with something in a rather large tub.

"What do you do?" I said, interested.

"Well, this is what I do. People accidently come in here all the time. When they step on the mat, a high powered camera takes a photo of them immediately. The light is usually so bright, it knocks them off of they're feet, and they black out. Another lower camera takes a photo of their pet," explained the wizard. At this I looked over at Masaki90. She was still sleeping. I looked back to the wizard.

"Why do you do this?" I asked.

"Match-Making Wizards are wizards who get sent the pets who have been in the pound for to long. Pet Central sends them to us. We have to take a special type of picture of people who accidently walk in our stores. The pictures show what they feel, if they're funny, nice, all that stuff. We then look at their pet. Same things we look at. We find a pet in our back rooms over there," he said, pointing to some doors in the back. "We find a pet that would be good for the person in the picture, and would get along well with the owner's pet. Then we give them the pet for free. Pets that are in our rooms have not had an owner, that when the right person comes along, they are the best pets ever!"

"Urgg..." mumbled Masaki90 as she woke up.

"Ahh, your pet's awake!" cried the wizard. "Well, anyway, I only have 1 more pet in there, and you match her perfectly! She's been here for ages, and even more in the pound! Before that, she was found by a NeoOwner wandering on her own. They turned her in to the pound."

"But what if the owner does not want another pet, or can't because they all ready have 4?" I was hassled with Masaki90 right now. I didn't need 2 pets!

"Well, I guess they don't have to take them. No one's ever declined a pet from a MMW's shop before. They're sad enough when they first arrive at the pound for a see their sad eyes now, at this point, they're so red, and teary! Even people like you, who don't want another pet, always accept!"

"Oh....I did you know?"
"I know these things. I'll go get our little friend," he said as he walked toward the door.
"What species is she? Or he," I said, standing up.

"Kiko. Just like your friend there," he said pointing to Masaki90. Masaki was a Kiko too. At this, she got up and leaped into my open arms.

"Err..." she gave her friendly growl.

"You'll be getting a new friend soon. Yep, you're the perfect match for Star. Her owner must have a very specific Gener that matches her own. A Gener is all that personality and stuff we talked about earlier."

"Oh," I said, trying to see into the dark room that the man had just opened.

"Star? Star? Star, where are you? Star?" he called into the darkness, "Star?"

Then I heard the soft voice of a Kiko. Masaki90 made that sad noise when she was sad.

"Star? I've got someone here to see you..."

Just then, a small blue Kiko popped out of the darkness. It looked like it had been crying for quite some time. "You like her?" he asked to my smile.

"Yes! Yes!" I cried.

"Take her! She's all yours!"

"Maaa!" purred the Kiko. She ran toward me.

"Her name's Star? That's all? No numbers?" I asked.

"Star_40361. That's her name. I'm telling you, you've made one little animal very happy!" he answered.

"I'm very happy!" I cried, running up and hugging Star_40361, my new family member. Star gave a delighted purr as she realized that she had a family now. Masaki90 gave Star a 'sniff-over' and decided to make friends.

"Well, you better get on your way," said the old wizard.

"Yes, we better. Thank you! Thank you sooooo much!! This has made me sooo happy! I think Star is happy to!" I cried as I stood up and hugged the withered old man.

"Oh! I believe she is very happy!" he sighed. We both let go of each other, and looked down at the small blue blob pulling on my NeoOwner2000 Robes. "I think that you need to go now. Your family wants you."

And with that, he walked into a small, what looked like bedroom, and closed the door. "C'mon girls. Let's find that soup kitchen and get you something to eat."

I left the shop that day with a new friend, Star_40361. I can't find that wizard's shop even now. I have had my 2 friends since I started, and I now have 4 pals. I am grateful to that wizard, because my best friend came from his back storage rooms. I thank you wizard, wherever you are. Thank you.

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