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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

I will never be lonely again!

Pet Name: DMMaggie
Owner: donna2564
Breed: Kougra

About pet name:

Hi my name is DMMaggie and I am a Kougra and want to tell you all about how I met Donna my owner the best owner and best friend in the world. I lived on Mystery Island when I was born. Mystery Island is surronded by water and when I was little my family liked to go for boat rides for fun. Well one night my family and I were out on my dads boat and a really bad storm hit the boat was rocking and weaving through the waves and the rain was comming down in buckets. One really big wave hit the boat and it capsized. I was just a baby at the time and very small I slipped from my mothers arms and went under the water. All of a sudden a water faerie appeared and scooped me up and dropped me on the nearest beach. When the sun came up the next day I was very scared and very alone and was wondering what happened to the nice faerie who saved me. I heard something in the bushes behind me and ran behind a bush to hide. I was crouching behind that bush shaking and crying when a women must have heard me and came to see what was making the sniffing sounds, she had a very friendly face and when she saw me a big smile came to her face. She reached down and picked me up and started to talk softly to me. I remember her petting and hugging me and saying oh you poor little thing.

She carried me back to her campsite and sat me by the fire with a blanket around me. She then gave me some soup and crackers and juice. When I was feeling better I snuggled up to her arms so she could pick me up again because there I felt safe. When she saw the tears in my eyes she wiped them away and listened to my story about how I got to be on this island. After my tale she told me not to worry she would help me find my mom and dad she knew where Mystery Island was and would take me there. We got in her boat and sailed for about 2 hours when my home came into sight. Upon landing on Mystery Island the water faerie was there taking care of my mom and dad, you see she saved me and left me on the beach knowing that Donna would find me in the morning and went back to save my mom and dad.

I was really happy that my parents were ok but I was sad knowing that these nice safe arms I was snuggled in and the love I was feeling for Donna would be gone when she left. Then the water faerie spoke saying that the reason she was near when the storm hit was because it was my time to go and she was comming to take me to Neopia, you see Kougras only stay with there parent for the first six months of there lives and then are taken to Neopia for adoption. Well with tears in her eyes Donna was hugging me close and whispered can I adopt this little Kougra I promise to love her and care for her always. After I kissed my mom and dad goodbye and promised to visit cause my new owner said that we could come back anytime I wanted, the faerie transported us to Neopia so Donna could go through the proper process to adopt me.

That was the best day of my life Donna loves me very much and takes good care of me and as it turns out she has three other pets she adopted from Neopia DMMojo, DMBooboo and Crystle so I have wounderful bothers and sister and someone to always be with me so I will never feel the loneliness I felt on that beach that day before Donna found me, and as promised she takes me back to Mystery Island to visit my parent often. So you see she really is the best owner and the best friend any pet could ever have.

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