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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

When will the prophecy be fullfilled!

Pet Name: Yordenjin
Owner: glowinthedarkoctopus
Breed: Grarrl

About pet name:

An ancient Neopian prophecy states that one day, a Grarrl will come about, save the life of its owner, and change Neopia as we know it. It was believed ot be a false prophecy, since nobody could believe that a Neopet could save a real human life. Then, on a day like any other, Yordenjin was born. Glowinthedarkoctopus was relatively new to the world of Neopia, and was already creating his second pet, a Grarrl. Glowinthedarkoctopus was fluent in the Language of Giberian (a cousin language of Gibberish) and decided to name his new pet Yordenjin, which means The Dragon. Few took much notice to the new pet, since it was no different than most at a young age. But, unbeknownst to glowinthedarkoctopus, there was something very special about Yordenjin. Unfortunately, someone else also knew. The evil Dark Faerie herself monitered the developement of Yordenjin ever since his birth. She knew that if she could control him, she could overpower the Faerie Queen as the most powerful Faerie in Neopia. As Yordenjin grew older, glowinthedarkoctopus began to notice something strange about him. He seemed to have a special charm about him, making others just want to do exactly what he wants them to do. He used this power to make glowinthedarkoctopus read him book after book, and by the time glowinthedarkoctopus noticed, Yordenjin already read every single book in Neopia.

Now, glowinthedarkoctopus knew of Yordenjin's powers, and taught him to only use them when absolutely needed. Although slightly upset, Yordenjin agreed. Now, the Dark Faerie realized that if she did not act quickly to seize control of Yordenjin, she might not succeed. The next day, during a violent thunderstorm, glowinthedarkoctopus received an anonymous Neomail, titled "Urgent." Naturally, he opened it to see what it was. At that time, the Dark Faerie struck. Using her sinister powers, the lightning outside grew sronger, and struch the the house of glowinthedarkoctopus. The jolt could be felt throughout the entire house. However, the only thing affected appeared to be the computer, which blinked off. Instinctively, he reached for the power button to turn the computer on again. As he pressed the button, lighting struck the house again. The computer sparked, and glowinthedarkoctopus was shocked, and in critical condition. No one else was home, so glowinthedarkoctopus just lay there, dying. Now, the Dark Faerie acted. She changed her shape, and took the form of Yordenjin's owner.

"Come here, Yordenjin." She said. "I have a challenge for you."
Yordenjin loved challenges, so, naturally, he responded.
"What is it?" he said.
Using her evil powers, she zapped glowinthedarkoctopus's computer, causing it to turn on. Yordenjin saw the dying body of his owner. "This person is an imposter," the Dark Faerie said. "For the last few days he has been thew one controling you, not me. I need you to make him put you in the pound so I, your real owner, can adopt you, so we can once again be together." "But he is dying. Wouldn't it be better to save him?"
"Don't be ridiculous! He has been in a serious problem ever since you were born!"
This made Yordenjin suspicious. "Since I was born? I though you said he was posing as my real owner only for the last few days! Now that I think about it, how do I know thay you are my real owner, not him?!" Now the Dark Faerie was getting angry.
"Don't be stupid. Do as I say, NOW!"
Her anger was beginning to elevate rapidly, so much so that the Dark Faerie began to lose her composure. Her disguise as the real glowinthedarkoctopus began to fade, showing only her real, hidious image. Yordenjin screamed, "You're not my owner! You are the Dark Faerie!!"
Yordenjin glanced down at his real owner. Within a few minutes, he would be completely dead. Instinctively, Yordenjin began to use his mind-control power on the Dark Faerie. "Save my owner, my true owner, now." He said. The Dark Faerie laughed. "You think your powers will work on ME? Muhahaha!"
Yordenjin tried again, strengthening the use of his powers. "Save my owner, my true owner, now."
The Dark Faerie, beginning to show signs of weakness, yelled, "It's not working!!"
This time, using all his power, Yordenjin tried one more time. "SAVE MY OWNER, MY TRUE OWNER, NOW!"

He finally succeeded. The helpless Dark Faerie caused another bolt of lightning to strike the house again. The electricity reactivated glowinthedarkoctopus's dying heart. Slowly, glowinthedarkoctopus got up, only to see the triumphant Yordenjin on his screen, with the Dark Faerie fleeing the scene as quickly as she could. There is a sad outcome of this event. In the battle with the Dark Faerie, Yordenjin lost his power to control others. However, now that this power is gone, Yordenjin would no longer be bothered by the Dark Faerie. An ancient Neopian prophecy states that one day, a Grarrl will come about, save the life of its owner, and change Neopia as we know it. By saving his owner;s life, Yordenjin already fulfilled half of this prophecy. You might be thinking, 'How did Yordenjin change Neopia as we know it?' The answer is, he did not. Not yet, anyway. How will he change Neopia? The only way to know is just wait and see.

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