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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Nillaray
Owner: Taradith
Breed: Acara

About Nillaray:

A rather threadbare yet somehow rather dignified-looking Plushie Acara takes the stage. She clears her throat and starts talking with a thick, rather fake-sounding British accent.

"It's Acara Aquatic Festival time, and everyone knows Acaras love nothing more than to swim, right? Wrong! At least, I don't care for the water much at all. I can hardly be blamed for it, of course. The first time I set paw in the ocean, I sank like a stone; in fact, I still have the hole in my ear from when my cousin Lillaray grabbed me to pull me out." She tosses her Plushie head, and the black dangly earring gets caught on one of her seams. It takes the Acara a few minutes to get herself untangled. "Anyway, I had finally learned to swim when I decided to visit the Secret Laboratory, and I managed to turn myself into a fine Fire colour! I truly was a beautiful pet, but every time I even came near the water it started to steam and boil. The heat didn't bother me, of course, but after I boiled a few pets' beloved Crabulas alive, well, I wasn't allowed to swim anymore.

"So I finally went back to the Secret Laboratory, hoping to be made into a nice Halloween Acara, or perhaps a wicked one, but this is what happened." She motions to her Plushie paws, and the socks that her horns have become. "I was thrilled, because at least I wasnt Fire anymore, but the moment I jumped back into the sea, the saltwater soaked right through my outsides into the stuffing, and I sunk like a bag of wet laundry! I was stuck on the ocean bottom until a fishing hook snagged one of my button eyes and I was hauled right up. The fisher-Wocky took me to be rubbish and cast me aside, but I landed on the beach and dried off in the sun. I despaired of life in Neopia, and determined to leave my family and friends, to seek out a new life. I packed myself in a suitcase-one handy thing about being Plushie, that-and snuck myself on board a ship. But as luck would have it, I'd stolen my cousin Lillaray's luggage, and it had her name clearly written on the side, so before I knew it, a kindhearted cabin boy had shipped it right back to my family!

"Now, you may be thinking, "What rotten luck this poor Acara has! But I'm not up here to complain. Oh, no. Because when Lillaray opened the suitcase (only three days after I got home), I told her the whole story, and she determined help me. I suggested she a raft, but she wouldn't spend the Neopoints. Instead, any time I want to go onto the water, she and Tulty and Twovee just grab paws and make themselves into a boat for me to float on! Isn't that right?"

Three Acaras gleefully bound up onstage and Gelert-pile right onto the Plushie Acara, flattening her.

"Sorry, Nillaray," Tulty, an Island Acara, apologizes.

"Wait a second," Lillaray says, and she folds her wafer-thin cousin up into a paper airplane. "Maybe you can't swim, but at least you can fly!" She launches Nillaray into the air. "How many Acaras can do that?"

"Just the Faerie ones," Twovee says.

"And Vira," Tulty says.

"And that Acara who got a million balloons together and floated towards Faerieland."


"Dry up, you two!" Nillaray yells as she flies out the window and into a poorly-placed briar patch outside.

"Well, she's still lucky, Lillaray says, smiling down at the audience. "Because she won the Pet Spotlight! And how many other Acaras have done that?"

"Just the one who-" Tulty starts to say, but they hear another muffled groan outside, and the whole gang belatedly runs off to help their "lucky" cousin.

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