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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Sidnerella
Owner: yellowbrickroadkill
Breed: Usul

About Sidnerella:

"Sidnerella, would you PLEASE quiet down?"
As much as she hated being quiet, Sidnerella was an obedient Usul, and so in due course, she put down her drumsticks and hopped off her drumstool. In fairness, she had been playing for over 4 hours and everyone deserves a little quiet time. Her brother, Chubby-Chappy, was particularly prone to headaches. But as much as she loved her siblings, Sidnerella loved her drums too.

She remember the taunts she had recieved when she had first set her heart on beating the skins.
"Are you kidding?" spluttered a rather unpleasant Skeith. "You're a girl!"
She scowled and ignored his taunts. His friend, an equally unpleasant Mynci with an upturned nose screeched "Not only that, you're an.....Usul!" The two burst out laughing, and Sidnerella walked away tearfully. She had only told them because she knew they had lessons in music with the greatest music teacher in Neopia Central.

She came back to me in tears.
"Honey, what's wrong?" I cooed, and offered her a tissue. SHe sniffed, and explained her encounter with the bigger Neopets.
"Why do you want to learn the drums so much, Sid?" I asked.
"I have ever since I first walked past the Concert Hall that day with MrCharlson. Remember, when you said Tyrannia was to dangerous for me to go alone? I don't know who was playig but I could hear the drums and......." she was gettign really worked up by this point. "But everyone says Usuls can't play music because they are all cute and just collect usuki dolls and get their hair done but I'm not like that at all." It was true. I doubted that Sid had ever touched an Usuki, let alone had her hair done.
"Tell you what, Sid." I said "If you help me out around the house, I will buy you a drumkit fo your own." The responce I got from this was Ecstatic. She jumped around, squealing her thnkas at the top of her voice. I smiled, and started making the tea, as MrCharlson was hungry. Again.

For the following month, Sid had been on fire, helping around everywhere she could. She even tucked Chubby-Chappy into bed. The Home was spotless. I decided she had deserved her drumkit.

The Next morning, while Sid was fast asleep (she was completely worn out from all the chores she had been doing!), I crept out of the House with MrCharlson to buy the kit. An old friend of mine who was once a drummer for a band which failed to go anywhere after the lead singer, a techo, lost his voice, had offered to sell me his drumkit. It was red, which was excellent as that is my Siddy's favourite colour. Being a Skeith, MrCharlson helped me carry the kit home, where Chubby-Chappy helped bring it into the basement. Chubby is an excellent artist, so he painted a lovely motif of a heart with two Usul pigtails on the bass drum. It looked fantastic. I went upstairs and gently shook Sid awake. I led her to the basement.

When she saw the drumkit, she screamed. She went mad, hugging everyone and laughing and crying leaping around. I explained that we couldn't afford a teacher right now, but that I had bought a tech-yourself book.

In just 2 weeks, it was clear she didn't need a teacher anyway. She was a natural. We heard her crashing along with all our old M*YNCI and Twisted Roses records, perfectly in time. We couldn't believe how quickly she had progressed. It just shows how Usuls can do anything if they set their mind to it.

Right now, Sid is content with all she has. She just hopes there'll be some more Usuls to take the stage out there.......

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