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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: BunnyDragneo
Owner: aquilla_light
Breed: Zafara

About BunnyDragneo:

Hiya! My name is BunnyDragneo, or just `Dragneo for short. I'm a Faerie Zafara. Not your average one though! I have island markings, a Ghoti silhouette on the back of my wings, and brilliant emerald green eyes! Where I came from, Ghotis were sacred to my island warren.
I guess if I were to align myself with any type of faerie, I'd have to be the Soup Faerie. I care more about helping my friends than personal appearances, and I give it my all when I they're in need! Here, have a seat and I'll tell you about one of my best friends:

It was the 11th day in the Month of Eating. To our surprise, we won a Krawk petpet in a contest! I played with mine for a while, hugging and cuddling it (much to the dismay of my new Faerie Selket I got a few days ago), I was just in shock that we had one of those rare petpets! I stroked it under the chin a bit, watching it close it eyes slowly, grinning.... I just loved it!
But then I thought about one of my best friends, Claxon_Thunderwing, one that wanted to become a Darigan pet, and his owner, Holly, was just too poor... I turned to my owner. "Hey Liz? Out of curiosity, how much do these guys go for?"
Liz hrmed for a moment, "About 300K I'd say..."
I looked up to Liz, still kneeling, hugging the little cutie Krawk. "I really like this fella, but... I've been thinking about Clax... His owner doesn't have the money for the brush he wants. The more I think about it, the more I want to help him become ... that shade of purple..."

Liz understood. We quickly found a new home for our Krawk and a couple of other rare items. 600K! Wow! I've never seen that much in Neopoints! We could upgrade the bank on that! After getting that plus a little over half our bank account together, we went straight to Faerieland. Poor Liz, I must have been dragging her all across the city to the Hidden Tower! I was just so excited we finally had the means for Clax's brush! I must have been, "C'mon! C'mon! We gotta get Clax's brush!"
Once there, I wasted no time flying straight to the Darigan Paint brush. It looked really scary, I gotta admit. I picked it up and flew over to the Faerie Queen to pay.
She grinned at me as I was struggling to fly with a brush almost as tall as I was. "Ah, I see you're interested in the Paint Brush we just discovered. You can't paint Zafaras with it yet though..."
"I know," I chirped up, hovering easier after she took it from me, "It's for Clax!"
"Claxon? Oh yes, I know his family! They needed help a few times with their Ixi Fahwna! He'll look simply stunning once painted with this! That'll be 750,000, Neopoints only!"
You could just see Liz's poor credit card run out the door screaming at that! ^-^;;;

I couldn't find Clax, so I left the brush at his Neohome, kinda antsy, I wanted to watch him use it! Man, I wish I could have seen his beak drop right off his face when he saw that! Holly's too.... er, well, you know what I mean! I guess Clax wasted no time getting to the Rainbow Pool! I was kinda afraid of the new Darigan Eyrie the moment I heard about it, it looked scary, especially for a pipsqueak-sized Zafara like me... But wow... Clax looks great now! I can't see him as anything else!

Friends are just that special to me. I'll give my all for them.

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