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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Yuguni
Owner: noomeci_shen
Breed: Yurble

About Yuguni:

This is a common problem I've been experiencing, and truthfully I'm getting worried. I'm not a hundred percent sure, but I think it has something to do with the idea that Yurbles are originated from bears. Ok, so what, am I talking about?......Yuguni, who constantly falls asleep..

On some occasions I find him asleep, while he was trying to wake up and get out of bed. He even starts counting Z's when we are busy watching movies. He has even fell asleep during Mystery Island training, luckily he was just a beginner, with a bunch of beginners, which was a problem actually if you saw how they struggled to get the big sleepyhead out of the training arena. So I thought it was best to..eghum... stop training for a while. (He didn't take it to well) So to make up for it I took him to the Carnival of Terrors,....but alas.. not even the rides was "frilling" enough to keep him awake. Now this all sounds terrible and worrisome, but this wasn't even the tip of the ice berg.

It was my monthly shopping day, and I took my Pets with me to the Market, and seeing that I am such a great Owner, I told them that each of them can go and buy anything what they desire. And of they went, giving me time to shop for the essential.

After a hour or so, I was done with the shopping, and now all I had to do was wait for my Pets to return. First was Gaiyani, and as I expected, she got herself a petpet (she so in to petpets). Then came Febernaki, and short on his heels was Nushakra, both being boys, bought them self toys galore, and candy and sweets (typical). Now it was only Yuguni that was still missing. And missing he was. We waited half and hour, and I started to feel uneasy:
So I asked my pets.

Me: "Febernaki, where is Yuguni"
Febernaki "I don't know, I thought he was with Gaiyani"
Gaiyani: "Yeah right as if I was going to shop with a boy"
Me: "Now, now, guys no fighting.
I'm getting worried, we better go and find him.

So once again whe split up, Febenaki with me, and the twins on their own. We search High and low, near and far. We've been at the Hotel, Soup Kitchen, Wishing well, all the shops, even at the Market Wizard. But Yuguni was no where to be found. The twins even got the security Chia to help, but once again.. alas ..no where.
I was near tears, even ready to call in the national guards, and the sniffing Gelerts, I knew very well that he might have fallen asleep on a truck or a shipping belt. And is well on his way to a far away place. My poor Yuguni, he must be so scared. But behind me was to Aisha's looking into the window of a near by shop, when I heard one of them behind me , she was looking at a bunch of life-size Neopets Plushies. But what she said, shot hope in to me once again.
"Hey look at that plushie, it looks sooo realistic,..hey did you saw that...its breathing..."
I shot up from where a sat right into the pile of plushies, and put my arms around the sleeping teddy.
With tears in my eyes:
"You big goof, you don't know how worried I was, and threw all this commotion and trouble we've been threw searching for you, you've been here all this time...sleeping" He opened his multicoloured eyes, looked up and replied with a big and almighty....... *yawn*

Well that's the story of a sleepy teddy, and how I sometimes struggle to keep track of him... while he is sleeping. And how I got me worried. So if you know of a cure I'll greatly appreciate it. I think my heart won't hold it any more,.... can you believe how much trouble sleep can cause you.

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