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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Wurymmar
Owner: scarrift
Breed: Lupe

About Wurymmar:

Hey there, I'm Wurymmar the Lupe, just Wurymmar and no I don't have some cute and fluffy name. Don't even think about 'Wurry'. Ahem, anyway I am, sorry was, a red Lupe and unlike most other Neopets out there it didn't take a magical paintbrush to turn me all blue, not like most owners would go for 'default' colours anyway.

You see I was once in a wild Lupe pack. My pack and I used to roam the grassy plains and lush forests around what was Meridell, before it was rediscovered anyway, hunting wayward Chias and enjoying the wind between our fur until one day one of my pack members, a blue lupe whose name I have forgotten, convinced me the rest of the pack to abandon me. We journeyed to the Tyrannian Plateau and it was there that they jumped me and left me to die on the hot rocks of the plateau.

Then my owner came. He examined me silently for a moment before picking me up and hauled me to his campsite. There he cared for me and healed me with what little healing potions he had. Soon I was well again and eternally indebted towards him. I made a promise to follow him and be his Neopet and after putting some thought into it he agreed.

I was happy to have an owner but at the same time dejection crept over me whenever I thought of my old pack. Slowly my red fur changed to a dull shade of blue. I felt miserable all the time and even more so when my owner didn't lift a finger to console me.

One day I was feeling especially miserable and got tired of training. Without a word he took me to the Neopian Museum. There he stopped at a painting of a blue Lupe battling a couple of fiendish creatures.

"Observe Wurymmar," Scarven, my owner, said softly. "This is what Lupes are capable of. You are capable of great deeds Wurymmar just like that Lupe in the painting. No matter what colour you are you are still a Lupe and Lupes stand for loyalty, confidence and courage. Never forget that as long as you live."

I looked up at the painting and saw the determination in the Lupe's eyes and at that moment I realised that I could be just like him. I turned back to Scarven to thank him but he was already walking away. It was then I realised that my owner was not the distant and stiff person I knew. I knew that deep down inside that composed shell of his he really cared about me. Now understanding, I smiled and ran after him.

I may not be the strongest or fastest but I plan to be in the future. My fur may no longer be red but it's sure not dull anymore. I got my sights set on being the best and if it takes a year or ten I'll still do it. Scarven once said that I have too much energy to burn and way too optimistic for my own good but I think those are good qualities for a Lupe don't you think?

Oh and happy Lupe Day for all those Lupes and Lupe owners out there! Yeah, all you Lupes out there, don't forget, we Lupes stand for loyalty and courage and that is what we should show our owners on this day. As for me, well, Scarven may be sourpuss (Hey I think I made up a new Petpet!) but he's still my best friend and I am his. Heck, without me he wouldn't have anyone to talk to!

Now if you'll excuse me I gotta be getting back to Scar, he's waiting outside the Snowager's Cave I guess.

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