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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Eilonwyvern
Owner: velasco
Breed: Scorchio

About Eilonwyvern:

Hiya! I'm Eilonwyvern the Faerie Scorchio...well, I suppose you'd like to know more about me, though I can't imagine why. I'm really nothing special...

I was born, as near as I can remember, on the 9th of Gathering in Y3 - that would be September 9th, 2001, if you'd like a conversion. I wasn't too impressive at first, just a plain Green Scorchio with mediocre stats, but both my owner and I had high hopes for what I would eventually become, and so I gladly trained, studied, worked and trained some more. All that hard work paid off - just one month after I was born we were able to afford a Faerie Paint Brush, my first goal at the time. Then again, they were about half as much back then as they are now, but the moral is the same: if you work hard to get what you want you appreciate it all the more. I know, it sounds odd for me to want to be Faerie, because I already had wings...but let me tell you, flying is so much easier with the extra Faerie magic in my wings, and I love my wonderful colors. I wouldn't change at all.

Oh, looking at my stats, huh? I suppose I'm pretty strong, but I don't like to fight other pets. The only time I'll fight is if it's to protect someone weaker, or if I can serve the cause of good by doing so. Well, ok...I might tangle with Punchbag Bob a time or two, but he knows I don't mean any harm. Oops...sorry about your head, Bob - I'll sew it right back on after the battle, I promise. *muffled groan* I am very pleased with the fact that I was able to help defend Meridell in the last war - I only hope I can acquit myself as honorably now as I did then. I hated having to stand against Lord Darigan in the end, though, as I respected the rightness of his original cause - but I could not allow him to harm Meridell. I still have a nagging hip pain after he knocked me halfway to Faerieland, of course, but standing up for my principles was worth every blast I took. And now that Lord Darigan is back, and on the side of Good once more, I shall gladly follow him once more.

Speaking of Faerieland, that's where my family lives - feel free to visit our Neohome if you like. Please excuse the mess, though, Velasco is in a frenzy of redecorating and renovating and you might see a few things out of place. We're at 1998 Faerie Castle Road - and yes, I can see the Faerie Castle from my window! It's so exciting, living next to some of the most powerful beings in Neopia, and I've even met the Faerie Queen a few times when Velasco was on business at the castle. It's so cool living in Faerieland - you can see all of Neopia under you, and the clouds are great to jump on. For the people who don't have wings there are always taxi clouds, and you have to watch where you step on some of the thinner clouds, but for the most part that really doesn't apply to me or my sister Hawk. Still, it's fun to see how fast the taxi clouds can take you, and also you don't have to worry about crashing into someone's vapor trail on them. That only happens with the Faerie raceclouds, and boy, do those Faeries play rough sometimes!

That's pretty much it - I haven't really done anything TOO special. I've never defeated a war boss, I'm not the oldest, biggest, or most experienced creature in Neopia, I don't live in the biggest Neohome or have the richest owner or anything like that. I'm strong, but not excessively strong; I like to read and eat but I don't stuff my stomach or brain to win a silly Gourmet Club trophy or Book award; I like playing games, but mostly for fun, I'm not obsessed with them. I did win the Beauty Contest recently and for that I am very pleased and thankful for eveyone who helped, but apart from that I'm pretty average. However, the fact that my owner loves me and cares for me as much as she does, even WITHOUT me being the most spectacular pet on the block, surely counts for something. In fact I think, in the end, it counts for everything.

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