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Pet Name: Terraeca
Owner: Arenia73
Breed: Chia

About Terraeca:

Hello. I am Terraeca. Some call me the Angel of Fluffiness, others call me Little Bluie Brown Eyes, but to plain strangers I am simply Terraeca. But I actually am the Messenger of the Earth Faerie. Yes, many people don't agree with her rewards for her quests, but I admire her. I was actually brought up in Illusen's Glade, my poor condition was too much for that Soup Faerie. Well, the way it worked was I did a level of Illusen's Quest and she fed me and let me sleep there. I admired her and how she was gentle with other neopets that came to visit, so I became an Earth Faerie Follower, an admirer, and this is how my life went.

When I was born, I immediately toddled to the Soup Kitchen, confused and away from the eyes of any future owner. I was very ragged, and ruffled and smelly. At first glance, the Soup Faerie immediately sent me away. I as an infant was simply puzzled by this matter and tried again. I jumped into the soup pot, splashing the contents of it all over some neopets waiting for a meal, including a floating lump of dung all over the Soup Faerie. Unlike her normally sweet self, she ordered some shoyrus to fly me away, out of Neopia Central. They dropped me in a vacant field, where I was alone, cold, and nameless. Very scared I was, there were wild lupes and aishas in this field, prowling around. I hoped they weren't hungry, and I ran off.

I did once get ambushed by Bahltzar, but when he saw I was faerieless and little, he had no use and lurked off back into the shadows from whence he came. These fields seemed to be endless, until up in the clearing, I saw a turret of a castle. I must have toddled into Meridell, although I did not know that at the time. Amazed and dazed at the giant castle, I was unaware of all the dangers around me.

From my current height, the looming castle looked enormous, transfixing me with it regality. As a little tot, I thought the bouncing ground was perfectly normal. It was a heavy bounce, as if it was giant foot steps. Or, then suddenly I was trampled by a herd of uni and blacked out..

Slowly waking up from the pain, I opened my eyes and saw a few tall lupes, blue and shadow all wearing armor on top of magnificent, white Uni. They were all holding their noses. Confused of where I was, I glanced around quickly with fear. In the background, there were horrible, vile looking creatures. They were purple and grey, and caustic looking; glaring at me with piercing red eyes. "Are you okay?" asked a blue lupe, sitting high on his Uni. He grabbed my hand and helped me up. I muttered a few words.

"What are you?" I asked. I was afraid of these tall, gleaming neopets with swords, but somehow felt a sense of security.

"I am Jeran, a knight for King Skraal to protect Meridell from Darigan and his army. What is a little Chia baby doing here away from Neopia Central or your owner in a dangerous place like this??" Jeran asked.

I responded, "I don't have an owner, and the Soup Faerie had her friends fly me away to a field. It was SCARY!"

"Aye, well we better get you out of the battle grounds, mate. Wouldn't want a little fella like you to get hurt!" said a Shadow Lupe.

They carried me out on their Uni and set me down away from that place. "Meridell is away thataway," said the Shadow Lupe, waggling his finger. "Good luck, matey!" and the lupe rode off. I was all alone again, but now I had somewhere to go.

I was slowly walking to Meridell, where I could be safe and taken care of by kind neopets. As I walked, a trace of purple was behind me. That's funny I thought to myself. I checked my feet. Nope, clean. Walking forward, cautiously, a obscene smell in a green cloud, worse than my smell at the time floated infront of me and I began holding my nose- wait, I don't have a nose. Oh well. Shall I continue? As I walked through the vile green cloud, a whip of purple and green clouds coiled through the sky, and a dash of purple lightening struck the ground. "Look out!" a worried voice called. A green faerie leaped out of the bushes and rolled me behind a tree, when a tall, evil faerie appeared out of the cloud, knowing there was easy prey to join her. "Stay quiet," the kind voice said, "and TAKE A BATH! Yipes!" Walking around, the tall, purple faerie slyly creeped around the area I had been in. "I know you're here somewhere, but I'll be back!"

I rolled out from behind the tree. "That was close!" replied the kind voice. I nodded. "Who are you?"

"I am Illusen, the Earth Faerie. That was Jhoudora, my evil sister."

"Wow, you're nice unlike the Soup Faerie."

"Why do you say that?"

"I was kicked out and flown to a field full of wild neopets because she didnt like me. She said I smelled."

"You do, but I'll take care of you"

As I boarded with Illusen, I learned the kind ways of the Earth Faerie. I learned to be this way and became to be a helper of them. And this is who I will always be, Terraeca, the Earth Faerie's Messenger.

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