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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

We are the Blue Crew!!!

Pet Name: Capn_Twayblade
Owner: Avidreader99
Breed: Zafara

About Capn_Twayblade:

Capn_Twayblade is a purple zafara with a star on her leg, tail and chest. She has a passionate love for dandelions. She always wears a dandelion crown on her head like a tiara. She also forces her little brother, Inokyenu the white lupe, to wear a dandelion in his tail! I don't know if she wears her dandelion chain to bed at night! I've even had to wear dandelions at odd times. Why, she even made a dandelion dress for our light faerie friend! The faerie wore it and liked it although she kept on sneezing!

Blade (as we call her) also has a boyfriend. His name is Verancafyre and he is a blue Zafara belonging to Shiningfyre. The two got together some time ago and are the best of friends. I secretly think Veranca loves dandelions too, which is probably the reason he wears a dandelion tail ring.

I think the most exciting and wonderful tale in Blade's life is the story about how I found her, and her birth. Here is the story:

In a little cave in a very hidden valley Meriv, a normal blue Zafara, gave birth to five little Zafara kits. All of them were strangly coloured. Two were rainbow coloured with mangled tails. One was purple, this was Blade. Another one was everchanging colours so for a minute he would be shadowed, another minute he would be green and then yellow then red then rainbow etc etc. His name was already given to him, Chaoscolours. The last was the runt. She was all white with streaks of gold. All the kits had a star on their leg, tail and chest.

Now in the valley, it was always summer and there was plenty to eat. The five kits grew up and the others, except Blade, got names. The Rainbow twins were called Rainstar and Colourarc. The little runt was called Snowmetal. Poor Blade had no name but everyone in the Family, including their father, Ravenan a green Zafara, and they all called her Grape. Blade didn't mind.

It happened that Blade grew restless and bored in the valley. The kits and their parents didn't want to leave but Blade wanted to learn about the world. So she wrote a quick note in the sand to explain she was leaving to explore and she ran through the many twisty tunnels that would lead her away from her family.

It just so happened that I had been walking through the place where Blade had been travelling, when I noticed a spot of purple fur. I walked over there and saw a scrawny little purple Zafara. I looked her over and shook my head sadly. She had not eaten for two days! I scooped the little bundle into my arms and carried her home. My neopet-less home became Blade's home as I adopted her.

I spent most of my days buying things to make her happy. I sent her to school and taught her many things. But she felt very sad as she missed her family of wild Zafaras. I asked her if she knew where Meriv and Ravenan's cave/valley was. She grew excited and said yes. So I packed camping things, qa few thousand np and we went to find her family.

We traveled for a week until we came to a hidden tunnel. Blade walked in and I followed her with my flashlight. We walked for some time in the confusing maze of tunnels that ran under the mountains. Finally we came to a valley. I gasped.

The grass was as green as emeralds. A stream came crashing down as a waterfall making a pool where the Zafara's washed themselves. Fruit trees grew in abundence. It was paradise! Meriv and Ravenan had came to this valley and decided it waas the perfect place for having kits! Boy were they right.

When we arrived four wierd Zafaras came down and two normal Zafaras followed. The four started wrestling each other and Blade joined in telling them about her new name. I talked with the adults. After another week we said we were sorry, but we had to leave. We filled our ration packs, Blade said goodbye to her parents and siblings. I said good bye to the family and promised to return. I also thanked them for their hospitality. Well we left and came back a week later.

And our house was waiting, Veranca was at the door, and all our friends asked how our trip went. As you can see, Blade is a very special Zafara,and I'd be honoured to have her spotlighted. If you wish to meet her just neomail me and we can arrange something. Well bye (for now).

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