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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

We love our MOM!!!

Pet Name: SandStormDarude and Tailre
Owner: Salmon_Arm_Chic
Breed: Cybunny and Aisha

About SandStormDarude and Tailre:

"Hello. I am SandStormDarude. I am a yellow Cybunny. My mommy is Salmon_Arm_Chic. I have two sisters, Myuuy and SilverFireStorm, and one brother, Tailre. I am the youngest in the family, then Tai, then Myuuy, the Silver. Supposedly, I am the smartest, at least according to Silver. Myuuy probably thinks so too, but she won't admit it. Now, when I was first born, I was sent to the great adoption agency in the neosky. No, not The Neopian Adoption Agency, I'm talking about the one where other pets like me find their first home. If they cannot be taken care of by their real family. Anyway, I was very young, so I don't remember much about life in the orphanage. All I remember was there were these kind poogles, named Puggzles and bloodybloodhound, and they would always visit the orphanange during holidays, and give us presents. Later, mommy joined the guild that their parents were in. Anyway, the day I was adopted, was a wonderful day. Salmon_Arm_Chic walked over to me, and said 'Hello, whats your name?' I was overwhelmed. I had never spoken to someone who thought about adopting me. They all went to the tougher Cybunnies. The ones that liked makeup or sports. I'd rather read a book, or go on the computer. I couldn't say anything. Then another Cybunny came over to her, and said 'Oh that's SandStorm. Nobody likes her! She is a freak!' 'Now now, I don't think you should talk that way about her.' Salmon_Arm_Chic said. And she picked me up, and took me over to the Adoption Guy, filled out the forms, and walked outside. 'So, SandStormDarude, tell me about yourself!' and I knew I belonged to a NeoFamily!"

"Hello. I am Tailre. NOT Taylor. Tyler. Tai! Call me Tai... Now... I am here with my mommy and my sister, so I'm not scared! Anyway, I was adopted long ago... I was the Aisha who would always be beat up or teased. Nobody liked me. It was really scary there. Nobody liked me. Even the Adoption Guy was mean! He took away my Teddy Bear. He said he was cleaning 'it' cause 'it' was dirty. I said 'Teddy is not a it, he's a he...' 'Well Tailre, you have to understand, its not real!' 'I know that! I'm sorry...' I was scared. You can't blame me, that was a scary situation. I ran into my corner, while the other aisha's laughed. Then Salmon_Arm_Chic came in. I was crying like a baby, and there was a person trying to decide who she wanted. This was even sadder. I cryed even harder. Salmon_Arm_Chic walked over to... um... another Aisha, (I hardly knew any of their names) and the other aisha said 'If you take me, you HAVE TO TAKE MY BESTEST BEST FRIENDS!' 'Well, I can only get one Aisha, I am sorry, I would like to take you all home, but cause of financial matters, that won't happen.' Then she walked over to me. It was so scary. 'What's your name?' she asked. I tried to get deeper into the corner. 'Its okay, I won't hurt you, she said. I looked right into her eyes, and I knew she was telling the truth. She picked me up. Even though I was afraid of heights, I felt safe in my new mommy's arms. The other Aisha's yelled 'BYE TAILRE!!' as I left."

Well, they pretty-much said all I wanted to say. SO I'll finish it off. When I brought Tailre home, SilverFireStorm yelled 'What a wimp!' and her and Myuuy left the room laughing. When I brought SandStormDarude home, the only person she would get along with was Tai. It took a while for her to get used to Silver. Myuuy doesn't get along with her.

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