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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

I am so happy to have an owner!

Pet Name: Antonios
Owner: blink182_fan11
Breed: Quiggle

About Antonios:

From Antonios point of view.

I stepped off the platform of the train and looked around me. There was a cool autumn breeze dancing around the station but it alone couldn't block out the feel of warm bodies that hung in the air like a bad smell. There were neopets and people everywhere, all around me. I kept a tight hold of my little suitcase and stared at my scruffy black shoes.

I couldn't stop the tears from coming. I hung my head miserably. My mother had sent me to this strange new land all by myself. Alone. I knew it wasn't her fault, she didn't want to. All she said was i'm a big boy now, and I have an owner. An owner. The words echoed in my head giving me courage. I held my head high and fought my way through the thick crowd to a nearby sign post. I am a quiggle! I was thinking the whole way. I can make it! I reached the sign post and lent against it, sighing in relief. I then held up a sign of my own. It read: 'Antonio S from Mystery Island'
I was so tired. I felt like crying again, but I stopped myself. I'm not sure how long I stood there, but to me it seemed like forever. My arm got tired. I used the other one. Suddenly a women came battling her way through the crowd toward me.

She had fair hair and dark eyes. Unlike me her clothes weren't ripped and torn.
"Antonio love, how long have you been waiting here? I'm sorry, I got stuck in traffic. I'm your new owner! You can call me mum." I shook my head, "I already have a mum." I said.
She laughed, "In that case you can call me B." she said.
"B?" I said, confused.
"You got it." she replied as we walked to the car. I nodded.
We got in the car, and when we were all strapped in B reached under her seat and pulled out a large present wrapped in bright green paper. I managed a smile, "thanks B" I said. She smiled and gave me a hug "I know its hard for you. But things will be okay in the end."
I hugged her back and wiped my eyes. I was feeling a little better already. I tore the wrapping of my present. It was a beautiful acara toy.

I've never really liked acaras, but this one was special. I ran my fingers through its warm yellow hair and felt a warm glow.
"B, I love it!" I cried.
She smiled again "One day I'll get you a pet pet AntonioS," she said "One day!"
She opened the glove box and took out a lollipop "That should satisfy you till we get home!" she cried.
I smiled in thanks, and started licking it. B started the car and we sped away in a cloud of dust.

We had the radio on, and B sung so loudly to the songs it was deafening.

I joined in too. People in other cars were looking at us, but at that moment a didn't care. Sure I didn't understand why I was here, or what was going to happen to me, but I had a feeling it was gonna be good.

It is! B took me shopping. No more scruffy clothes for me! I had never seen so much food in my life. We stopped off at Hubert's Hot-dogs, and B let me have two really big ones. Also, I love our neohome, and B is talking about getting me a puppyblew.

But the best thing of all is that I have a best friend. All I will say is that her name begins with B.

The end.

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