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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

We are FAMILY!!!

Pet Name: Kikasete, Rinauko, Iyame
Owner: JackRabbitKnight
Breed: Acara, Shoyru, Chomby

About Kikasete, Rinauko, and Iyame:

Hi, my name is Jack 'JackRabbit' Chandler, (JackRabbitKnight), and I'd like to tell you about my spectacular pets, Kikasete, Rinauko, and Iyame. I guess I should start with the oldest. ^_^

Kikasete was my first pet. When I first moved into Neopia Central, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I knew very little about these neopets, so I stayed in the house most of the time, you know, just to get familiar with the surroundings. (From my living room window...^_^) Anyway, I think the second night after I moved in, there was a really big rainstorm! I mean, it was HUGE! Even though, that didn't stop me from sitting at the windowsill. I'm a rain person, and if I wasn't so darn shy, I'd had been out there playing in it. Well anyway, I was looking, and something blue and fuzzy caught my eye. After I realized it was alive and not doing so hot in the rain, I kicked my shyness out of the way and ran out there to get it. After a week of warmth, food, and caring, Kikasete finally started talking to me. Kikasete put it nicely, but he's really a great little pet, if you can manage to get the candy away from him. He's very outgoing and wastes no time speaking his mind. (Which got him grounded one time.) I can usually find him outside putting together some kind of adventure. Although, he should learn to be a little neater...his rooms a mess!

Rinauko is my second pet, and there was a little controversy with him. I had taken Kikasete to the marketplace (He wanted to spend his allowance on some lollypops and stuff) and when I came back, there was a Shoyru stuck in my roof. It was almost comical the way his little legs were kicking, but after I got a ladder from the neighbors, I freed him from his predicament. I think he said sorry about a million times! After a little confontation with his old owner, who was really mean, I adopted Rinauko. The thing I like most about him is that he's the most caring neopet you could meet! Sometimes he'll take his allowance, buy a lot of gifts and candy, and leave it all at the money tree. He usually does it anonymously; he's really shy, like me. Of course, that doesn't apply to people he already knows. Then, he's this little ball of energy and confidence. (Which annoys Kikasete all the time!) Although he and Kikasete argue every now and then, they've become like brothers. He's the one that gave me the first ideas for the NeoPox Contribution Foundation, which is up and running now because of his hard work at the employment agency.

Iyame is my third pet, and my big little sweetheart. ^_^ After Rinauko and Kikasete won a free stay at the NeoLodge, I went to the Icy caves to see if I could get some tickets to the Terror Mountaion Light Show. Even though they sold out faster than Air Faeries, I did manage to pick up what I thought was a bouncy ball toy from the caves. It turned out to be a Chomby egg, which hatched one day when Kikasete and Rinauko were playing living room soccer. (They got grounded that day.) Iyame is so quiet sometimes, you won't even know shes around, despite her size. She's really sensitive, and I have to tell Rinauko and Kikasete not to be too hard on her, because she's moved to tears really easily. Both of them did a wonderful job of making her welcome. Kikasete gave up some of his candy to her one day, which really shocked me! I mean, Kikasete giving up candy is a rarity...I think he was sick that day.

We are SOOO Cute!!!

All three of these pets have awesome personality and a world full of will and charm, and it adds sunshine to my day when I see them. Without them, I'd probably still be sitting at that windowsill, wondering when I'd go outside. Thank you, my babies, for adding happiness to my life! Now excuse me...Rinauko and Kikasete are fighting again, and I need to break it up. Rinauko's been taking classes at the Training Center, and Kikasete might get body slammed today...

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