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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

I am a Snow Usul!

Pet Name: Mariuri
Owner: buurin
Breed: Usul

About Mariuri:

Hi, my name is Mariuri and I am a White Usul. Because I'm a white usul, I'm lucky enough to fall into the catergory of the elusive Snow Usuls! When I was a very little girl, my mother once told me that White Usuls are the most special usuls of all because before they were born, the Snow Faerie kissed them on the nose and turned their fur white and eyes pink.

Because I am a Snow Usul, I spend most of my time at Terror Mountain with my owner, buurin. There's so much to do there--snowball fights with the grundos, long chats with the snow faerie (we're so close that I call her Penelope, her real name), taking things from the Snowager (I always give them back, though, because stealing is wrong and he's my friend, too), and lots of other fun things! Sometimes I even like to hide from my owner, which is very easy because almost everything is white at Terror Mountain and so I blend right in! I never hide for too long, though, because I love buurin so much that I can't stand to be away from her for too long!

Buurin and I live in a little house in Neopia Central that's still being built. She always provides for me and makes sure I have everything I want, including my very own heart shaped bed, usuki dolls and playsets, and my favorite toy, a fake plastic rod of ultranova. Don't tell Buurin this, but sometimes I take my fake plastic rod of ultranova, go into the closet, and pretend that I'm a warrior princess, just like Xena on television! I pretend that me and my beautiful rod were the ones who defeated the Monocerous with one shot! Buurin doesn't like me to fight, so I have to do that in secret. She worries about me a lot because I'm very young and fragile.

Since our house is not fully built yet, Buurin and I travel a lot and have many interesting adventures, just she and I. Once, she took me to Mystery Island, and I won a talent show for pretending to be a snow man melting in the sun! (I really was hot that day!) We went to a luau there, and I met my best friend, Veg_Frog the quiggle! Veg_Frog and I have a lot in common. He runs the health food store in neopia central, and I always go to visit him. If it's not too busy, sometimes he gives me a free carrot or apple. For Valentine's Day, I gave him a heart shaped locket and he gave me the best gift of all--a Veg badge just like his! On his days off, we go up to faerieland to visit the faerie queen, who always has time to talk to little neopets like us. She tells us a lot of facinating stories about the other faeries, like that the light faerie needs to sleep with a night light at bed time, and that the water faerie never goes into Terror Mountain because she'll turn into a block of ice!

Well, that's about all for my life. I've got a great owner, nice friends, and a nice family. I love growing up in Neopia and one day I hope to be the greatest Snow Usul there ever was! Oh, yeah, there's one more owner wrote a poem for me to tell me how much she loves me and I'd like to put it here:

There's a special usul who I love
She's cute as a button and white as a dove
I call this usul Mariuri
And I'll always love her--truly!

Mariuri's sweet and kind
She's very little, but doesn't mind!
For although her body's very small
She's got the biggest heart of all!

Her best friend's a quiggle, who's a real health frog
They laugh and play in the summertime bog
They eat berries and grapes and healthy things
While playing on the playground swings!

My usul loves to jump and play
She's been happy every day!
She's my usul, Mariuri
And I'll always love her--truly!

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