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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

We are the Blue Crew!!!

Pet Name: Infinice, ZephrSurfer, Princess_Zelda007, and Baby_Marron (Blue Crew)
Owner: Freezair
Breed: Kacheek, Eyrie, Chia, and Poogle

About Infinice, ZephrSurfer, Princess_Zelda007 and Baby_Marron:

Baby_Marron, stop bouncing off the walls... LITERALLY, in that jelly room of yours!"
"No, you can not PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY please jump off the roof."
"ARRG! Infinice, stop leaving your stuff everywhere, do you know what kind of stain those Sticky Snowballs leave on the carpet?"
"Princess, I don't CARE if he is going to be mad about the 'Bubble Gun' incident, we are going to visit your father... and NO, we can NOT go to Ender's house instead!"

This is a typical day in my NeoHome. When you live with the Blue Crew, things are pretty hectic, especially since there probably isn't a kookier group of pets anywhere.

First, some background. The reason I call them the Blue Crew is because, as you can clearly see, they are, no duh, all blue. Now, I know some of you are going to argue that Zeph, short for ZephrSurfer, is an Electric Eyrie... well, it's still a blue color, and so, no matter what the Pet Lookup says, she's blue to me. Also, Baby_Marron has been both Christmas(when she was an Usul) and Purple(when she first became a Poogle), but those are just minor instances... Christmas was only for a day, and the same for Purple. Though, I have to admit, she looked good in it... ahem, where was I? Oh yes, now about each of them.

Although I would like to claim that Infinice the Kacheek was my first pet, I cannot say it is true. Alas, my TRUE first pet was a blue Kacheek as well, one by the name of SilverBlaster. However, she had an accidental "twin" sister... SilveBlaster. I didn't want Silve, so I made an attempt to put her in the pound... but, I ended up abandoning Silver instead! I was devastated, not only because I had accidentally abandoned her, but because she was adopted the instant she was abandoned, and I couldn't get her back. Grieving, I found a poor little newborn Kacheek kit behind a house, who became Infinice... but I thought that she would never replace SilverBlaster, whom I had only had for about 3 days. Now, ask me, and I will say, "SilverBlaster? Who's she?" Well, OK, not really, but I am at least glad that she is living a new, happy life with Sisan. Now, about Infinice...

Infinice is a really strange Kacheek. OK, now most Kacheeks like flowers, sunshine, and don't like to fight, right? Well, that sure ain't Infinice talking. You couldn't get her to plant flowers if her life depended on it... well, so she likes White Lulu, but only because they will grow in... Snow. Well, her name is Infinice! Snow is her game. She collects snowballs, and will throw a fit if she finds out that I've sold her latest, precious collection in my shop. And it isn't a good idea to get her mad. Rainbow Frost Cannon, Frost Bow, Ice Scimitar... a whole horde of ice weapons, ready and waiting. She'll pick a fight at moment's notice, especially with a Kacheek that likes flowers and stuff, but she has good reason. Most of those other harmless little Kacheeks pick on her, calling her strange and insane. They make fun of her name, too-a combination of "Infinite" and "Ice". I sometimes go out into the meadow near our house to find rainbow-colored Kacheeksicles. But the irony is, most of them know and respect her mom - a Spotted Kacheek that lives with Mrs. Bibblesworth, a nasty fat lady that breeds spotted Kacheeks for profit. She was the only non-spotted one in her litter, and rather big, too-and so she was abandoned, where I found her. I think her old name was ShineRise or something like that, but I've heard rumors that she be related to the great Sir Cheekalot himself... but it probably isn't true, she's awful with a sword. But, although she likes cold, weather, she loves HOT music-Latin music, if you catch my drift. Her all-time favorite singer is the Shoyru, Ricky Martneo. But she also likes... The Blue Kacheek Band. Go figure.

Baby_Marron is my oldest pet, but she wasn't originally mine. I adopted her from the pound on the same day as I lost SilverBlaster and found Infinice. At first I had no clue why she was abandoned. She was a cute little blue Usul, not the sort of creature you could easily hate. She was dying of hunger, and for two days I tried ever so desperately to feed her... the Soup Kitchen(I was poor back then) wasn't working at all, and food cost too much... but I finally managed. But not without finding out why she may have been abandoned... SHE WAS SUPER PICKY! "No, I won't eat this!" "Uh-uh, I'm not touching that!" "That book is TOOOOOOOO boring!" "Those toys are SO out of style..." so I found myself in the care of a regular diva of a pet, with nowhere to go but down. Until I discovered her passion - acting. A regular thespian. Roneo and Juliet... A Meercasummer Night's Dream... she's done it all. Not exactly a good trait among Usuls, 'cause acting can lead to... lying, a big no-no among that kind. She, too, was tormented and teased... until she became a Poogle. I scratched and saved for a single Magical Purple Poogle toy. I changed her half to help comfort Zeph, who had to do some of her own changing(if you catch my drift again), and half to help stop the teasing, and maybe, if it is possible to have three halves, half because she was just tired of being an Usul. Her tastes in music revolve around pop, like the Backstreet Buzzes and M*YNCI, so she rarely has a single favorite band for long. She also loves video games, she can sit for hours playing "The Legend Of Zafarda: Myncora's Mask"...

Now, I know what you're thinking about Princess... Princess Zelda like the video game, right? If you even DARE say that, she'll go positively ballistic. Because you know what? It isn't true. It's a really long story, but to sum it up... OK, one day I went to the pet adoption center when people create their pets and all the new eggs hatch, and I decided that a blue Chia would be nice. So I created my pet and named her _Zelda007, because I liked the name "Zelda" and it was already taken, and 007 is a cool number in the least. So I took her home to meet Baby_Marron and Infinice, who were my only two other pets at the time.(Not counting SilveBlaster, who I still hadn't managed to get rid of.) Well, not five minutes had passed when I got a phone call. It was from the War Chia King! I asked him why in the world he was calling such a humble person as myself, or if he just greeted every new Chia that way. Until I discovered that my _Zelda007 wasn't the simple Chia I thought she was-I had taken the War Chia King's new daughter by mistake! I was extremely red-faced, but he said it was quite alright, she could stay with me, as long as she got to visit her kingdom and her castle every week or so. And that I changed her name to... PRINCESS_Zelda007. At first, she loved it, but... that feeling didn't last too long. As soon as she discovered the truth about being a princess, and as soon as people started making fun of her name, she lost her appetite for it. But she refuses to be called anything but "Princess..." sheesh. Talk about paradoxical pets. She wants to become a Battledome fighter, the strongest Chia in all of Neopia, but her father won't have it. He says she's too good and wholesome and precious and junk to sink to fighting ruffians like that. She always cries when she has to leave her Rainbow Gun, Frost Bite Egg, Red Frost Cannon, and Bag Of Infinite Neggs behind when we have to go visit her dad. She does love her father, but sometimes... he's a lot like that boring math teacher everybody has at some point. She is a big fan of that sappy old music-believe me, after being around her for as long as I have, the very phrase "When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie" is enough to bring a chill down your spine.

Zeph is like the baby among the Blue Crew, although she is the biggest by far. I remember when I first went to get her- I went to the adoption center, where all new pets are created, ready to bring home ZephrSurfer, the glorious green Aisha. I thought I knew what I was doing. But then, I passed on by the cage of a HUGE newborn dragon, the former Eyries, the Tatsu.(If you haven't been in Neopia that long, Tatsus were kind of like dragons with big swirly horns, sorta tiny wings, beaks, and Mohawks.) And for some strange reason I just couldn't resist her-she looked so cute to me! And so, Zeph ended up being a Tatsu, a blue one, duh, which is kind of ironic since Tatsu ate Aishas! She instantly took to a horrible hobby - skydiving, air boarding in particular. I would have to dole out the Neopoints for her to buy plane time, keeping me poor for a little while longer. But, however, she was wonderful and kind-never complained about soup every day, would play with the few toys she had, read the same books over and over and be delighted with them each time. Although, she was much saddened by becoming an Eyrie when they evolved, she was still OK-and, the instant she saw the new(at the time) Electric style Eyrie, she knew she wanted to be that way-'cause it was cool, and it was still blue. So, I rounded up every rare item I had to trade out for an Electric Blue Paintbrush, and voila! She also has a talent for writing, and once wrote an article in the Neopian Times. She LOVES rap-and it is impossible to say how much. Let's just say, I don't ever want to hear the words "please," "stand," and "up" in the same sentence ever again.

That is all for my pets and I today-and so I bid you farewell. That is all I have time for, but I hope to see you again. Hold on a sec-do you hear that? That crashing sound? I do. Please excuse me, I must deliver a Healing Potion X to the arrogant fool that just hopped off the roof...

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