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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Qefe
Owner: russka
Breed: Gelert

About Qefe:
It had rained all evening the previous night.
A morning fog has decided to stalk the early hours, like a drowsy turmaculus searching for an unfortunate weewoo. But appearing too sleepy and sluggish, the fog decided to give up on its quest and allow the dawning sun to paint light upon the existence of Neopia.

- Today's Weather in Neopia Central: Damp in the Morning,but to clear up for some bright sunshine! Also,extra Muddy -

Emerging from a cottage placed the outskirts of local Neopia, stepped a pair of creatures looking rather glum. Stringy Ears and tail drooped alike on the taller of the two. Equally depressed traveled a blue Tapira, her little snout dragging in the fresh mud.

"Don't you pull that pouty act with me,Qefe. I just bathed you yesterday day,and Rada as well! Please don't act so grey. I would just like for you to look clean for once a new moon!"
-An irritated, yet concerned and wary motherly voiced messaged to her venturing companions. Weakness was obvious in her tone,as she tried to be firm with her plea.

The little grey gelert, Qefe, as he was addressed, raised an ear to take in his mum's request. Mischief in his mind, the pup wheeled his head around and looked the Miss standing in the door with the biggest, cherry-red eyes he could possibly conjure. It was obvious by the human's reaction that she was at a loss.

"Erp! Qefe -now,-please,-do,"
Her head fell and she made a 'shooing' hand gesture.

"Just be back before dark-" And before she could even end her thought, the images of grey and blue had already flung themselves into the largest mud puddle they could find. Fighting laughter the Miss turned back into the cottage, leaving the creatures to their antics.


"I told you Rada,see! I wasn't going to be dreary /all/ day. Now look what fun we can have! I bet you there are a bazillindy mortogs in all these puddles!" -The puppy's voice carried on a joyful conversation with his wordless Tapira,whom grunted and let out diminutive pachyderm noises.

"I don't see how Grey pets can be so sad all tha time. Its like they always have a black rain cloud over their heads all day. If it never stops storming,when do they come out from under the bed? 'Memeber when it stormed /really/ bad,"

his little voiced indicated the severity.

"last week? I thought you were gonna be elec-tricooted!"

His goofy paws made a large smack in the muddy hole, to indicated what his little friend might have looked like upon impact of the lightning.

"I wonder if we made a grey pet a mud pizza they would be happy. I like mud pizza! and I'm grey! But you know what, Rada? I don't have a rain cloud over my head all the time- "

Qefe's neck strained up from his sitting spot in the earthy goo, just to be positive the imaginary cloud wasn't looming over his head.

"Maybe sometimes though,like when we can't go outside and play. But mom says we need rain so things and grow,and make mud motes,and to tell all the mortogs to come out and play! You know what else, Rada? I think I like being grey, just as much as I like neggs, and mud pizza,and visiting Happy Valley, and sunny days! That's alot! Wow! I'm glad I'm sorta different from some of the normal grey pets."

Rather proud of his miniature epiphany the brown(fashioned in mud,of course) gelert bounded from his spot in the mud and gave a hearty shake throughout his whole body,flicking mud in all different directions, including square on the Rada's forehead.

A random green movement from a near by water collection caught the curiousity of Qefe.
It hopped once more. And again. And Again!!
Without further thought the roudy youngster began to slip n' slid in a mad dash after an assumed mortog, and a winded, blue Rada chugged along after.

For the rest of the afternoon the skies remained Sunny and cherrful.

A fine beginning to yet another bright day of the Happy Grey Gelert,Qefe.

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