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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: xXxDominosxXx
Owner: gummiebear76
Breed: Moehog

About xXxDominosxXx:
*SQUISH* *SQUISH* You can hear your boots sloshing through the brown mud you’re walking on. It had just finished raining and you’re walking through a forest with a gift basket of different fruits for your aunt’s birthday. All is lonely and quiet when suddenly you feel as though you’re being watched. All of a sudden, you’re boots weren’t the only ones making that squishy sound. The same noise is coming from behind. You whirl around and examine the area only to find nothing. You decide that it must have just been you’re imagination. Even though you insist you’re hearing things that aren’t really there, you speed up your steps when the noise comes again. Uncontrollably, your pace quickens into a run and you find that you’re panting.

“AHH!” you scream as unexpectedly you feel impact on your back and you fall into the mud. The fruit basket soars out of your hand and the food flies everywhere.

You try to flip over onto your back but something heavy is holding you down. “Ow! Get OFF!” You yell at whatever is standing on you. You’re now squirming around until finally you can roll onto your back as the weight is lifted off.

“I’m so sorry!” a voice says. It belongs to a green moehog standing before you; obviously it’s the one that had knocked you down. “Are you okay?” it cries.

You finally manage to sit up. You try to wipe off the mud that is now seeping through your clothes but it’s no use. “Who are you?” you ask, ignoring the moehog’s question.

A smile appears on her face. “I’m xXxDominosxXx! Nice to meet ya!” she says blissfully. “So, who’s that fruit basket for?” she asks, eyeing the fruits variously spread through the muck.

“Well,” you begin in an annoyed tone, “They WERE for my aunt. It’s her birthday today, but now I guess I don’t have a gift for her.” You sigh sadly.

The moehog once again speaks up. “Sure you do!” she exclaims, turning and running away. You figure that she’s going to stop and come back some time soon but she doesn’t.

“Hey, wait! Where are you going?!” you call to her. She is now just a green blob in the distance.

“I’ll be right back!” she yells back. Her voice sounds faint, proving that she is now far away. You sigh and wait. While she is gone, you stand up and grab the basket, the only thing that hadn’t flew into the mud but instead landed in a nearby bush. After a few minutes, you can once again see the green blob in the distance. Now she is coming towards you. It appears that she has a sack that she is carrying in her mouth. As the moehog nears, you can make out some lumps in the bag.

“What’s that?” you ask her. She attempts to speak with it in her mouth but you can’t understand her. The moehog drops it in front of you and you reach in to pick up an apple. You reach in gain and pull out a pear. You look up to see a large grin on xXxDominosxXx’s face.

“For your basket,” she explains in a cheery tone.

“Thanks!” you exclaim, putting the fruit in the wicker basket.

“You’re welcome,” she says back with a smile that reaches her ears.

You suddenly realize that you’re late for your aunt’s party and turn to run in the direction of her house. “Bye and thanks again!” you call to the moehog.

She yells back, “See you on your way back!” She then pivots on one hoof and runs away.

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