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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: roseus_cynicus
Owner: sanctum_of_angels
Breed: Xweetok

About roseus_cynicus:
Roseus_cynicus is a Snow Xweetok who enjoys playing in the snow with her petpet (who is also one of her best friends) Mad Hare. She and Mad Hare always go and play games in a meadow that they discovered on Terror Mountain. She loves the Month of Celebrating and loves her older brother Archangel_Jibrille. Jibrille was the one who gave her Mad Hare when the lab ray zapped her snow colored on the 25th day of Storing, Y8. Rose is a fun-loving neopet who enjoys playing with everyone she meets. Rose’s favorite memory is of the day she and Mad Hare started a snow war with her mother and Jibrille…

Rose looked slowly around the tree and into the snow-covered clearing. She was on the watch for her petpet Mad Hare who was currently ‘It’ in their game of Snow Tag. Suddenly Rose felt a large amount of snow fall on top of her head. She shook the snow off and looked upward, there in the tree was her Snow Snowbunny.
Rose made a face at her petpet, “Fine you win again.” She sat in the snow and played with her green scarf as she waited for Mad Hare to scamper down the tree. Eventually her petpet was sitting next to her.
Hare ran around in circles quickly and then suddenly sat down right in front of Rose. She nodded at him, “Yeah, I don’t want to play Snow Tag anymore either.” She wrapped her tail around her petpet and they both sat under the tree together as they thought of something else to play.
“Mom said that she and Jibrille would come and play with us later today after they’re done at the Battledome, but Jibrille is no fun. He’s always complaining about how the snow makes him cold.” Rose looked over at her snowbunny who had started jumping up and down frantically.
“What? You think we should sneak attack Jibrille? I like that idea! We can even build a wall of ice as a fort before they get here!” Rose and Mad Hare ran off to go make some blocks of snow for their wall.

An hour or so later Rose and Mad Hare had managed to construct their very own ice wall. Rose stepped back and admired their creation.
“Isn’t it perfect Hare?” Rose smiled as Hare tilted his head skeptically. Rose noticed her petpet’s actions and sighed. “Okay, you’re right. It’s a bit uneven and likely to fall down if something hits it hard but we can hide behind it when they come. It’s a great hiding spot!”
Rose piled all of their snowballs behind the wall and waited for her sibling and mother to appear. Eventually she heard her mother calling. Rose peaked over the top of the wall and saw her mother and brother standing nearby and looking at the wall suspiciously. She quickly threw the snowballs at them with the help of Mad Hare. After they ran out of ammo they both ducked down behind the wall and began packing more snow together. After a few seconds they heard their mother and Jibrille both laughing. She and Mad Hare both poked their heads over the top of the wall and saw Jibrille and their mom covered in snow. Rose tilted her head angelically and smiled.
“Hey what happened to you guys?” she asked innocently.
Rose was suddenly knocked backwards as a snowball hit her in the head. She laughed knowing that it was her brother who had hit her. She made a snowball and threw it over the wall at him, “it’s wartime!” she shouted as her brother dodged her snowball but failed to see the miniature one that Hare had tossed at him.
They all went home later that day laughing and covered in snow.

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