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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: kanara
Owner: animalfan_3
Pet Name: Paike
Breed: Kazeriu

About kanara:
It was a horrible day in the city of Maraqua. The currents were quick and the tides were unusually high. It was an underwater equivalent of a stormy day.
"Paike! Paike!"
"What is it Silver_19" said Paike, a Maraquan lupe.
"Dont you 'what' me. You know very well that we need to get back to our neohome before the currents REALLY kick up"
"OK ok I'm coming" said Paike.

The next day the worst of the storm was over and Paike decided to go outside to see what the damage was. Soon he realized that it was bad and he felt even worse when he realized that a clean up team was already out and he had slept in.
"Great" he said. "Rather then helping clean up this beautiful city I was asleep. Well I guess I will start cleaning on the outskirts of the city"

Once he got started he was on a role. He cleaned and cleaned until there was only one spot left: The Maraquan ruins. He did not like that area.(he was afraid of them) But knowing that it was in his beloved city's best interest he decided to go in anyway.
"This place is sooo creepy" He whispered to himself. "But I suppose it is my---" He stopped in mid sentence as he picked up a large piece of kelp. Under the kelp was a small purple-blue lump.
"Oh my!" He said.
So he picked up the small little petpet and carried it back to his house. After days of nourishing and care giving the petpet was strong enough to wake up and walk around.
"Oh you are awake" Paike said. " Can you talk?"
"Why yes I can" said the little petpet in a beautiful yet weak voice.
"If you don't mind me asking. What are you?" asked Paike.
"I am a Kazeriu.And you are the Neopet that saved me." She said "I am in your debt"
"Oh no I do not wish that. All I hope is that you will recover completely and be happy and healthy" Said Paike in a kind voice.
"Then for me to be happiest I shall stay and live with you, if that is ok."
"Oh of course it is. I shall like that very much." Said Paike.
"Thank you. My name by the way is Kanara"

For the next couple of weeks wile Kanara was recovering Paike kept her secret even from his family. But as a new month approached he decided to ask Kanara if she was ready to be revealed to his family. She was quite eager to meet them.
"Well today is the day. are you afraid?" asked Paike.
"Not at all." she replied joyfully.
"Ok lets go then. I have already called them into the living room for their surprise" Paike said.

So they went into the living room where they all met.
"Awwww she is so cute" Said silver_19.
"Why thank you silver_19" said Kanara.
"Oh my gosh! She can talk?!?"
"Of course she can talk silly. She is very smart as well and even studies oceanography." Said Paike
"Well anyway we all like her and of course she is welcome in this house by all of us."
"YES!!! That means you can stay Kanara!" Shouted Paike.
"Welcome to your new home Kanara!" said silver_19

And that is how Kanara came to live with Paike. They are very good friends and are still friends even today.

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