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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Schnappi
Owner: dragon_animator
Pet Name: Kororororo
Breed: Jowlard

About Schnappi:
Night was falling, and a Jowlard was running as fast as he could out of town and down a hill. A huge Grundo was chasing after him! He dashed forward, and tripped over a thick clump of grass. He rolled a few feet, then clambered back to his feet and kept going. He saw a crack in the ground ahead. It was a cave entrance. He paused momentarily at the mouth of the pitch darkness.

"Get back over here, you useless Petpet!" The giant mutated Grundo barked at him. The Jowlard looked back, and began rushing down into the caves as fast as his stubby clawed legs could carry him. He had run away from the Grundo after a week of being snarled at and ignored. He had been a gift to the Grundo from a relative. However, the Grundo was more preoccupied with helping Sloth, and didn’t care about the Jowlard at all. He didn’t even name him. He was hardly fed, and never loved. It was a relief to get away, but he hadn’t expected the Grundo to chase after him.

He was getting increasingly lost in the dark depths of the caverns. One dark tunnel led to another, and he could hear the Grundo's yells echoing behind him. Apparently the Grundo hadn’t been afraid of the caves, and came after him. But never mind that! He had to run, run, run! The Grundo could move faster than him.

He came to a large tunnel, lined with small black flamed torches. He didn't notice, however. He ran anxiously down the tunnel, footsteps sounding over and over again as they bounced across the stony surfaces. The Grundo burst into the tunnel just as the Jowlard came upon an immense, thirty foot tall ebony door in the darkness. It loomed like a stalking predator over the small Jowlard, but it didn’t phase him. Anything behind this door would be better than the Grundo. He hastily whisked through it, without wondering why there would be a door fifty feet below ground, hidden in tunnels. It opened easily and silently, and he closed it behind him with a thunderous thud as it returned to its original position. The Grundo rushed after him, but slowed down at the door. He glanced at it, and got a little frightened. What manner of beast would use a door this bug, so far underground? It seemed menacing in the indigo light of the eerie torches. He quickly turned tail, forgetting all about retrieving the Jowlard, and eventually found his way out of the caves, dirty and tired.

Inside, The Jowlard huddled in the muffled darkness of the cave. There were no torches here, but unlit chandeliers could faintly be seen hanging above. He looked around in wonder, his eyes adjusting to the darkness. A huge table occupied the room- for it was a room, a giant room- that could seat hundreds. Only one chair was present, however. It had the look of a throne, and in it sat a dark figure, with glowing red eyes. The Jowlard leapt in fear, and began scrabbling at the door.

"Wait! Don't be afraid..." The figure said, and left its chair. It came towards him slinkily on all four legs, and he could see by the glow of its crimson eyes that it was a lithe Darigan Techo.

"My name is Koro, my friend. Would you like to stay for dinner?" The Techo asked happily. He seemed excited to have company. The Jowlard hesitated, then nodded.

"Do you have a name?" The Jowlard shook his head no.

"I Perhaps we’ll have to find you one. Until then, by all means, stay as long as you like." The Jowlard nodded again, and Koro rushed to prepare a meal. He returned a few minutes later with a chair, and then with a tray of food, which he put on the table in front of his throne. Koro placed the chair next to his at the end of the table, and put Schnappi in the chair. He waved at the food.

“Help yourself.”

The hungry Jowlard dug into his food, meat and greens alike. He hadn’t eaten much in the Grundo’s apartment, and his ribs were visible under his green skin. He voraciously wolfed down whatever he saw, and Koro stood by watching, amused.

“You must be incredibly hungry. Would you like some more?” Koro asked as the Jowlard finished all the food on the tray. He nodded once more, more quickly. Koro left again, and came back loaded down with another tray.

“I’ve come up with a name for you,” He said to the Jowlard. “I will call you Schnappi.”

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