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Petpet Name: Louie
Owner: islandmami15
Pet Name: Napoleon_Don_Juan
Breed: Barlow

About Louie:
No, i was not always this wealthy. My beginings were quite humble indeed. Where my species comes from is a long ways from Meridel. You cannot get there by Uni drawn coaches or any other land transportation. A ship is the most common way to get there...in fact that is exactly where i got my start, near the shores of Krawk Island. When i was just a pup...i was living on a Common Trade ship (well at least thats what those one eyed guys with the pegged legs used to call it). It was named "The Rusty Anchor" It was a meager life. A fish here or some seeweed pie there but never enough to fill your tummy with...well...not mine anyway. Besides that i never really liked the food. I always felt i was meant for another sort of life. Unlike all the other Barlows aboard, i could never get used to the cold wet plank floors or the swinging tattered cots for beds. I was meant for much more. However my hopes of more suitible life came crashing down upon me one very stormy night.
I awoke to the panic yealls and commands of the crew on deck. Something was terribly wrong. I was so terrified, i could think of nothing else to do than hide in the nearest empty grog barrel. What seemed like only moments later i realized i was now drifting out alone into the seas. What was only a few days, seemed like weeks. The longest days you could imagine. My mouth so dry i thought i might never be able to taste food again. Just when i thought my time was done...fate..came to pay me a visit.
I heard voices shouting! The next thing i knew, i was being hoiseted on board some sort of vessel. I was releived to be rescued at last, but also very weary of who these voices could belong to. Would they harm me when they realized this barrel was was not full of anything useful or valuble but only a fat little Barlow pup with no talent for much of anything? However when i heard his voice, a calm rested upon me. It was such a gentle soothing voice, yet strong and proud at the same time. "What have we here, i shall do the honors Menlay" it said. As he lifted up the crate i saw him for the first time. He looked as Noble as he sounded. Dressed head to toe in the finest fabrics i had ever seen. His face became aglow as he lifted me ever so gently from my cramped abode. "Well gentlemen...i think i have found what i was searching for on this voyage of voyages" exclaimed the Kyrii triumphantly while clutching me closely in his arms. "And what might that be Sire?" Asked an old Mynci whom i assumed was Menlay. "A new friend", replied the Prince smiling down at me..
And that is how it happened. I was given the name Louie along with a giant room all my own in the palace adjacent His Royal Highness Prince Napoleon Don Juan's. My new owner and loyal friend. So what is the moral of this tale you ask me? Well never to crawl into an empty grog barrel before a storm! Had i crawled into a half empty grog barrel i could have at least had something to drink those lost days at sea!

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