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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Nagging
Owner: proagain
Pet Name: Nagged
Breed: Grey Faellie

About Nagging:
Hello there, my name is Nagging and the reason that’s my name is because my owner is Nagged and I do the Nagging, tehehe. So as you can see I’m lovely and Grey, my owner visits the Secret Laboratory everyday because he wants to be Grey just like me, which reminds me of our first trip to the Laboratory...

Nagged pulled me along as we entered a damp, Spyder-infested room which quite frankly gave me the creeps. Only a speck of light bravely beamed through what was supposed to be a shattered window, darkness dominated the rest of the room.
“Who knows what kind of hideous creatures dwell in this pit!” I said, hoping Nagged would think twice about what he was doing. He glared at me for a second before reassuring me everything would be fine, and then a figure began to emerge from the shadows, revealing its face. A deranged looking Scorchio with eyes like an erupting volcano stared at us for a split second.
“Well, I suppose you’re here to try out my magnificent ray?” he grinned.
“Yes, I certainly am. And before you give me a lecture I am aware of the consequences already.” exclaimed Nagged.
The Scientist smiled and twitched his head, indicating we should follow him, although I was having serious doubts so I decided it would be best to stay put. Nagged gingerly followed the creepy scientist and suddenly stopped...his eyes darted upwards to the huge ray looming over him, he couldn’t stop staring. Though to him it was fascinating to look at, but it was nothing special if you ask me. Nagged spread his wings and told the scientist to do his worst, which inevitably he would, unfortunately Nagged was too ignorant to accept that. The Mad Scientist quickly scurried to the other side of the ray which was plastered with buttons and levers; he pressed a couple of buttons and raised an eyebrow.
“Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” asked Nagged.
“Yes, just shut up and let me concentrate!” snapped the scientist.
He pressed a couple more buttons and put his hand on a lever while smiling, his smile widened as he yanked the lever.
A huge bolt shot out of the contraption and hit Nagged, the entire room flickered and then went dark. Everything was completely silent for a moment and then the scientist finally rushed over to Nagged.
“How do you feel?”
Nagged looked down to see he was exactly the same as before.
“I feel disappointed, what a silly thing, I’m supposed to be Grey! Instead I feel...slow” yelled Nagged.
“You lost some movement points I guess. Look, the ray doesn’t work the way you assume it does, I never had chance to finish it properly so I can’t predict the results. If you’re that ungrateful for this opportunity I suggest you leave and never return!”
He grabbed Nagged by the beak and dragged him towards the door.
“Out you go, and take your Petpet with you!”
I quickly ran towards the door and stared at Nagged, he was incredibly upset.
“Don’t worry Nagging, We’ll be back tomorrow.”

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