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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Soldier
Owner: proagain
Pet Name: Lobed
Breed: Quadrapus

About Soldier:
Hello my Quadrapus-supporting Neopians! I’m Soldier the Quadrapus, and if you’re wondering why my name is Soldier, it’s because I am a Soldier. That’s right; I’m a loyal Soldier for my master Patpat who is also a Quadrapus. The name “Soldier” sounds scary, but we’re more like the Defenders of Neopia, the good guys. However, we don’t waste out time fighting small-time villains like Meuka, we defend Neopia against Pepitos. If you think they’re harmless, I’ll prove you wrong. Let me tell you the *true* story...I believe it is important that all of Neopia knows the truth:

It had just broke dawn, the sunlight seeped though the cracks in the Underwater Caves allowing people to see what they’re actually fishing. Andi put down her fishing gear and sat at the rivers edge, carefully assembling her rod and preparing herself for a large catch. As noon arrived she patiently waited for the first sign of movement...and there is was, she quickly gripped the rod tightly and began to reel in what she hoped was something special. She struggled further until the wire snapped, then stood in disbelief. Just as she went to grab another rod something began to emerge from the water, it was huge, blue and rather metallic. As it fully emerged it accrued to Andi that what she was looking at was in fact a giant Pepito-submarine, inside was an army of Pepitos. A loud churning noise bellowed around the caves as the mouth of the Pepito-submarine opened and out flooded hundreds of ugly Pepitos.
“Where is your leader?” demanded one Pepito.
“Um...There is no leader.” replied Andi.
“Then how do we take over Neopia? Is it ours if we say so?” asked another.
“Well, you could always go to the Defenders of Neopia Headquarters and ask if you can take over.” she snickered.
The Pepitos stared at one another for a few seconds and then a large one stepped forward, he went to speak but something caught his attention; a shadow darted across the caves, and then disappeared. His gaze slowly made its way back to Andi and once again he attempted to speak, but was rudely interrupted.
“Be gone you stinking creatures, or I and my soldier shall force you to leave!” exclaimed a small Quadrapus behind Andi.
“And you are...?” asked the large Pepito.
“I am Patpat, and this is my soldier. Together we are more powerful than every Pepito in Neopia, and we will prove it if you like?”
The Quadrapuses gripped their plastic swords and squinted at the mob of angry Pepitos.
“Haha. Ok...we’ll go for now, we’ll leave you to develop a REAL army and then we’ll come back and take over. How does that sound?” said the Pepito sarcastically.
“That sounds good...” replied Soldier.
The Quadrapuses proudly walked out of the caves with large grins on their faces.
“That showed them didn’t it master Patpat?” giggled Soldier.
“It sure did my friend.”

And off into the sunset we went. But Neopia is never safe from Pepitos, after all...they did vow to return, but Patpat and I will be ready for them!

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