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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Cookie
Owner: eyeadragon
Pet Name: Tash_Dragonfire
Breed: Blorpulous

About Cookie:
Outside of a small pet shop, on the edge of the Haunted Woods, a young Acara peeks through the window. As she watches a Dribblet hop past a Meepit, a rather sinister looking Cybunny beckons to her from inside.

“Velcome to my shop,” he says as she enters, “vat can I help you vith little von?”

“M-my mom said I could buy a pet for my birthday,” she says, starring at his long, pointy teeth, “but we don’t have very many neopoints. All the other stores’ pets are too expensive. This is the only store left.”

“Vell, Ve’ll just have to see vat ve can do about zat,” he says smiling, “Vat is your name?”

He takes her over to a large, grimy fish bowl.

“Tash,” she answers, grinning back. She decides he’s not so bad, for a vampire anyway. She looks into the murky water, but all she can see is long-dead fish floating around. She jumps back when one of them suddenly swims toward her.

The shopkeeper laughs, “Zat’s a Skelly. Zey’re quite popular because zey eat very little, and love a dirty tank.”

Tash cringes as it gives her a creepy smile.

As she’s ushered towards a cage of Slorgs, she notices two large, green eyes watching her from a dark corner behind the counter.

“What’s that?” she asks.

The shopkeeper looks in the direction she’s pointing and frowns.

“You don’t vant her,” he says dismissively, “she’s not quite…normal.”

Ignoring his comment, Tash walks toward the creature. It backs away fearfully as she gets closer and takes something out of her pocket. Slowly Tash opens her paw. The creature’s eyes get wide as it sniffs the air.


“Vell I’ll be,” the shopkeeper exclaimes, “Zat is ze first zing I’ve ever heard her say.”

Tash gently picks up the creature, who happily munches away on the baked goodie.

“What is she, “she asks wide-eyed, “and why won’t you sell her?”

“Oh it’s not zat I don’t vant to sell her,” he replies, “it’s just zat no one vants to buy her. She is too timid, and her claws are not sharp.”

Tash had noticed that its nails were rather round and dull.

“She is a Blorpulous,” he continues, “Zey are not supposed to be fearful.”

The Blorpulous had finished eating and was rummaging through Tash’s pocket. “Cookie!” she says, looking up at Tash.

“How much do you want for her?” Tash asks, counting her meager neopoints.

“Vell, if you really vant her…I vill make a deal,” he says, watching her count the money, “How does 5,000 neopoints sound?”

Tash excitedly thanks the Cybunny for his generosity and hands him the money.

“Now,” she says to the creature who had apparently taken a liking to sitting on her head, “we need to name you.”

“Cookie!” the creature chirps happily.

“Cookie it is,” she says to her new friend, “and I bet, with the money I have left, we can buy something from the bakery.”

“Cookie!” says the so named Blorpulous as it hops up and down on Tash’s head.

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