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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Plucky
Owner: cynnick
Pet Name: MystySkyz
Breed: Pink Noilkeet

About Plucky:
There comes a time in a girl’s life when she realizes she wants a pet. And not just any Greeble or Hopso that happens to be bouncing along through Meri Acres Farm, either. She wants something truly special, like no other pet, that she can hug when she feels sad, play with when she’s happy, and fly with, and swim with, and love.

My name’s Mysty, and I’m a Korbat. I have two brothers and a sister, and we live in Meridell. Azzy, Saffy and Cyan all have pets, and they just look so perfect with them! Their colors totally match. But I’m a Maraquan Korbat, and there aren’t any petpets that look like me. Believe me, I’ve looked! There are Maraquan ones, and there are blue ones, but none of them are like me. Either they don’t fly, they don’t swim, or they are the wrong blue, or all three!

So I was sitting in my room and feeling really blue (so to speak) about the whole petpet thing, and lying on my pink Princess Bed and looking at my pink rug, my pink vanity, my empty pink petpet playpen and my pink sand sculptures when it hit me. My petpet should be pink, like my ears, not blue!

I sped out of the room, jumped through the window and flew at top speed to the Rainbow Pool. Glorious! I looked through the catalog at all the pink petpets and couldn’t believe how many choices there were. I studied every page until I found the perfect pet: a Pink Noilkeet! It’s the perfect shade of pink, but more than that, it’s a pet I can relate to. It’s part bird, part beast--just like a Korbat!

That night at dinner I told my brothers and sister about my discovery. They all got kind of quiet. Finally my oldest brother Azzy (he’s a Cloud Aisha) spoke.

“Mysty, do you know where to get a Noilkeet?”

I shook my head.

“Do you have a pink paint brush?”

Again, I shook my head. Azzy and Saffy, who is a Faerie Draik, exchanged glances across the table. Then Cyan piped up. He’s an Electric Cybunny and always talks really fast.

“I know where you can get a pawkeet. The pirates have them. You buy them with dubloons. Do you have any dubloons? Are you scared of pirates?”

I thought back to all the times I’d been playing in the sand around Coltzan’s Shrine and found a coin. “I have a few,” I said.

Azzy and Saffy brightened up. “I know I have some,” said Azzy. Saffy nodded. In a few minutes we were all emptying out our coin collections on the kitchen table. Ten, twelve, seventeen, eighteen, twenty-eight... all together, we had 56 dubloons! I crossed my fingers, hoping it was enough.

Saffy looked thoughtful for a minute. “I’ll bet you could find a Noil at the Marketplace, downtown. If you ask the Shop Wizard nicely, he might be able to find you one at a good price. You can use the profits from our shop. I’ve been saving them for a rainy day.”

Azzy looked thoughtful, then disappeared into his room for a moment. When he returned he had a funny-looking brush in his hand.

“Mysty,” he said. “This is a petpet paint brush. I won it a long time ago, in a poetry contest. It’s not pink, but if you went to Mystery Island, to the Trading Post, you might be able to trade it to somebody who has a pink one.”

I was so excited, I gave my sister and brothers a big hug. Then Cyan spoke up. “There’s one more thing you have to do and it’s kind of scary. You’re not scared, are you? You have to go see the Island Faerie on Mystery Island, with a big cooking pot. She performs dark magic for the Great Pango Pango.”

“What will she do with the big pot?” I asked. I was feeling a little nervous.

“You’ll see,” Cyan said mysteriously.

In a few moments I was all set--I had the paintbrush, the dubloons, and a tidy little roll of Neopoints safely tucked into my pack. I was on my way!

My first stop was the Trading Post. I looked through lot after lot, until I finally found one offered by a person who wanted to trade a pink petpet paint brush for a different-colored one. I crossed my fingers and offered Azzy’s brush.

Then I was off to Neopia Central, to find the Shop Wizard. He was so fast, no wonder they call him the Wizard! In no time at all, he sent me to a cute little shop full of petpets, with a Noil that was just the right price. The Noil was like a wiggly little puppy, squirming to sniff my face as I scooped him up. Cradling him carefully in my tail, I winged my way toward Krawk Island.
“You’re not afraid of pirates, are you?” I asked my new pet. He trembled a little, but wagged his tail bravely.

We arrived at the island and swooped straight into a shack with a sign that said “Little Nippers” out front. The shopkeeper was funny! He had a gold earring and a wooden leg, but even though he was kind of loud, he seemed nice. Anybody who works with pets would be, I think.

He carefully counted out my dubloons, and handed me my squawky new pawkeet. At first the Pawkeet flapped his wings and pecked at my Noil, but after a few sniffs at each other, they both seemed to settle down. So, with my Noil wrapped in my tail and my Keet flying loopily behind, I was off to Mystery Island again.

Cyan was right. That cooking pot is huge and scary! For a moment I lost my nerve, imagining the horrible things that could happen to my two pets in that pot, but Jhudiah smiled at me so kindly that I approached the pot.

Swallowing hard, I gave my Noil a kiss on the head and placed him in the pot. Then I swooped up and caught my Keet, giving him a hug, and shooed him into the pot. Then I closed my eyes, hoping for the best. When I opened them, I saw the most darling little creature I’d ever seen, gazing up at me. He had a beak, a mane, four paws and a funny little puffball tail. Sticking out like ears were two stubby wings, flapping madly as his fuzzy little body slowly raised out of the pot and hovered in front of me. I thanked the faerie, grabbed my brand-new Noilkeet, and sped to the Trading Post. Joy, my offer had been accepted.

It was just a little zip to the Rainbow Pool, and before I knew it, my petpet was the perfect shade of Korbat ear pink.

You know, I have heard that when you work hard to get something, you value it more. But I don’t know about that--I don’t think there is anything that could make my Plucky any more precious to me. He’s worth all the dubloons on Krawk Island, all the lots at the Trading Post, and all the gold in Meridell!

I wonder if I can teach him to swim.

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