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Petpet Name: Viktor
Owner: podan
Pet Name: Binned
Breed: Darigan Buzzer

About Viktor:
Aah, hello there passing reader, my name is Viktor and it’s such a pleasure that you’ve stopped by. While you’re here why not listen to a tale? This is a story that I spent most of my spare time writing, and the following events happen to be quite true, so don’t go anywhere.

The war between Meridell and “Kass Citadel” had not long begun and things were running rather smoothly for Meridell. One thing that both parties could not deny was that their innocent civilians were suffering tremendously. A young Buzzer such as myself had no other choice but to flee the powerful wrath of the Meridell knights, otherwise fate may have not been so kind. A three hour flight to Brightvale consumed most of my energy but after finally arriving I knew I would be safe providing I found shelter, although that served a problem. I spent most of the evening searching hopelessly for somewhere to rest, it had started to rain and the temperature dropped dramatically, but something caught my eye...Due to desperation, I crawled under the bridge and attempted to pull my scrawny wings around my body for warmth, they weren’t exactly warm or comfortable but they were better than nothing. I sat for a while pondering over my future in Brightvale; I certainly wasn’t going to stay here forever, but where will I stay to begin with? My moment of thought was interrupted by the sound of footsteps, someone was running and they weren’t too far off either. The footsteps got closer, so close that I could even hear the Neopet breathing, well...panting actually. I peeked from underneath the bridge to see a Grarrl who appeared to be panicking, being the gentle type that I am, I stepped out from the bridge and approached him slowly as he stopped to catch his breath.
“Are you alright” I said softly.
“No, not really. I’m being followed by a Darigan Skeith.” he said while looking around nervously.
He looked up at me and his eyes instantly widened, it was clear that I alarmed him, I was Darigan after all. I wouldn’t have expected a large beast like him to be frightened of anything though, especially not me.
“Don’t worry; I’m not going to hurt you or anything.” I said reassuringly.
He seemed fixated and began to back away slowly. I didn’t understand, at least not until I sensed movement behind me. I turned around slowly, only to be glared at by a malevolent looking creature, a Darigan Skeith to be precise. Both I and the Grarrl decided it would be wise to run. Fast. We darted downhill together, towards the Haunted Woods, which perhaps wasn’t the best place to run if you’re looking for safety, but it was probably safer than Meridell or the Citadel, and that’s a fact.

Sidney was enjoying a Spooky Shake while waiting for the last few customers before dawn, it wouldn’t be long until he can finally close his Scratch Card stand and finish his book “Cooking With Petpets”. He leaned back against his stand and observed everyone else closing their stands, tonight had been a long night and it seemed everyone was eager to leave the almost-Deserted Fairground. Sidney put down his Spooky Shake and began to pack his scratch cards away, until he noticed me and the Grarrl heading towards his stand at high speed. Before he even attempted to stop us, we crashed into his stand and sent him flying. By accident of course.
“You idiotsss!” he hissed while peeling his face off the floor.
Sticking around to help Sidney wouldn’t have been wise considering he was now possessed by his own rage, and before we could give the Skeith time to catch up we were already running again. The Skeith reached Sidney’s stall just as he began to clean up the mess we made.
“What do you want? Can’t you sssee I’m busssy?” he said while glaring at the worn-out Skeith.
The Skeith whimpered and continued to stare a Sidney.
“What? What’s wrong with you? What do you want?” Sidney demanded.
“Nothing. Just trying to catch up with an old friend of mine, but he doesn’t recognise me. I think I frightened him.” replied the Skeith.
“Your friend was one of those idiots?”
“Yes, I think it was him anyway. Sorry about that.” said the Skeith as he turned and began to walk away slowly.
“Hey, why don’t I help you find him and you could try to explain to him then?” Sidney asked.
“Will he listen though?” asked the Skeith anxiously.
“Let’sss find out.”
Sidney quickly shuffled the scratch cards and locked them away in a grim-looking box before standing up and brushing himself off. He gave the Skeith a creepy grin and twitch his head as an indication to follow him.
“So what’sss your name?”
“Ew, what a ssstrange name you have there.” Sidney cackled and continued to lead the Skeith further into the woods. An hour went by and both Sidney and Binned were worried, although neither had the guts to show it. Binned couldn’t help but notice a rather obscure looking tree, mainly because he’d seen it about fifteen times already tonight.
“We’re just going around in circles, do you even know where we are?” snapped Binned.
“Of courssse I do, I live in thessse woodsss.” said Sidney nervously.
Binned sighed and stopped to catch his breath for a moment, while Sidney cowered from the suns radiant light squeezing through the dark forest. He turned to Binned but before he actually spoke...he laughed. Binned looked behind him out of curiosity, only to see a large yellow Grarrl stood behind him with his arms crossed, he looked awfully angry. The funny thing was that he happened to be shaking like a leaf, which did him no justice apparently.
“What do you want from us?” croaked the Grarrl.
I plucked up the courage to join him at his side, and waited for the Skeith to decide our future. He grinned and stepped forward.

It turned out that Binned mistook the Grarrl for another friend, and obviously they didn’t know each other. Upon realising that Binned never intended to eat him, the Grarrl instead rambled on for a while about how he was frightened and that if he was younger, Binned would be a very sorry Neopet. I think Binned was annoyed by this. He ate the Grarrl. Me however? I found a home. I live with Binned.

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