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Petpet Name: Pyro
Owner: rs12
Pet Name: CharzonX
Breed: Turtmid

About Pyro:
"What's wrong Charzon?" an owner addressed her Shoyru when he returned from Neopia Central.

"I was just strolling with Wilpaw when…" CharzonX stopped as his brother Lupe entered the house. Coming in, Wilpaw bore a face of pity and looked quietly from his owner to his brother.

"I want a petpet!" blurted out CharzonX suddenly, unable to hold himself.

"You can't Charzon, and we talked about this," his owner replied firmly but with some kindness.

Wilpaw was heard muttering with sympathy how he had already pointed this out to CharzonX.

The truth was, their owner cared much for their safety, perhaps even more than usual due to the many happenings in Neopia. She wanted them to learn to be strong and to take care of themselves, and for this reason she spent much money on training them and buying them books. This was something CharzonX did not mind, for he loved to fight, and being stronger meant the owner allowed the two brothers to explore more and become more independent. But, she did not want her Shoyru to get distracted from his training or become obsessed with a pet of his own.

The two Neopets understood this well, but this did not stop CharzonX from longing for a petpet.

"I'm going to Terror Mountain, want to come Charzon?" Wilpaw asked. He was scowling slightly, but he hid his face so that only his brother could see.

"Okay…" CharzonX replied stepping outside after his brother; he was probably in for a huge lecture from Wilpaw.

"Charzon, what do you think you were doing," Wilpaw started once they were outside.

"I thought maybe if I kept nagging, she would…"

"You thought she would give in? Brother, let me ask you something: do you trust our owner, our mother, as she had treated us as?"

"Of course!" snapped CharzonX as if offended by the question.

"Then trust her judgement. Do not cause her to doubt her own decisions in raising us. She only wants the best for us and by badgering her, you only hurt her more. Don't do this to her Charzon, my brother. Don't make her feel the burden of our dissatisfaction," while the Lupe talked, the Shoyru lowered his head in shame.

Seeing this Wilpaw continued sweetly ,"Listen, I'm sure when you become stronger, she'll get you a petpet. She's probably been planning to do so all along, just as soon as you master using your Fire Sword."

Wilpaw winked at CharzonX. The latter grinned widely, knowing his sibling's words were honest. CharzonX picked his brother up, and off they flew to Terror Mountain.

The two adored flying, and fortunate for them, this journey would be long. After an hour or so, they reached the mountain's peak.

"I'm heading to the Lost Desert," CharzonX told Wilpaw as he dropped him onto the snow.

"But wait you said that you were going to stay with m-"but too late. The Shoyru had already launched himself into the skies. Wilpaw laughed to himself. CharzonX was heading to Coltzan's Shrine.

"Come on Coltzan make me stronger!" CharzonX cried out with cleched teeth and shut eyes. Nothing happened.

"Come on please! Please!" Still nothing happened. The poor Shoyru was close to tears. He took out his Fire Sword, which he had brought with him in case he decided to go fight in the Battledome. Might as well practice, he thought.

CharzonX first swung the weapon around many times. He then stood in various postures in order to help himself work on balance. When he came to the most difficult stance, the twelfth one, he lost his steadiness and fell onto his face. Opening his eyes, he found a pair of new ones staring right into his.

Are you ok? CharzonX heard a voice in his head query him. He coughed out sand and stood up. In front of him stood the two eyes he had seen earlier. They belonged to a Turtmid who walked towards CharzonX and looked up.

You're not too bad with your sword but you need much more practice, the same voice said. CharzonX understood now: the Turtmid was communicating with him through his mind!

"You're quite clever," CharzonX stated, "to be able to find such a way to speak. I wonder if other petpets are as smart."

Smart to think words instead of speak them? the Turtmid thought.

" I bet a great deal of petpets use their thoughts rather than their tongues, but how many could have the intelligence to actually know our language and speak it with wisdom in the way you do, if you get what I'm saying." The Shoyru tried to explain himself as best as he could.

You are quite wise little Shoyru, what is your name?

CharzonX blushed at the compliment and replied, "Charzon."

And I have no name. Allow me to tell you something. I have spent most of my decades living near the Shrine? I've witnessed many who came and asked for strength and money, who boasted foolishly of their power. Brainless and foolish. I could bet much they wouldn't last long in the Battledome.

"Do you know about battle?" inquired CharzonX unable to contain himself and his love for fighting.

I know much and don't know much at the same time. You are bright and this will always aid you. You require experience, experience that would help you understand how to think and learn. Have you ever glided steadily?

The listener nodded.


CharzonX began to explain how he arched his wings slightly to gain support from the air, which balanced him. He spoke in much detail eagerly, for the topic amused him.

And would you agree with me if I said that any opponent could not fly so slowly, even with wings, unless it was adapted as yours?

The Shoyru nodded, quite confused; sure this meant that he was different from his opponent, but how on earth would flying slow help him in a battle?

May I see you practice with your sword again?

CharzonX moved with his sword, gracefully as he did before. The power with which he flung at his imaginary enemies was remarkable. It was a sensational feeling for CharzonX, and he was somewhat glad that the petpet had asked him to practice. Still, he wondered what the Turtmid was aiming to prove.

The Neopet then came to practicing balance. With his sword he stood in various positions, which became more difficult as he progressed. He performed them as he had before, and as before he fell on the twelfth stance.

Try again.

The Shoyru got up and did it again, falling again.

Try again.

He did but did not succeed.

Try again.

He wanted to say that it was impossible. Even with practice, he was only able to stand in the twelfth position for only five seconds at the most. He stood there thinking, until it struck him.

CharzonX stood on the handles of his blade, as the twelfth posture was done, and arched his wings to help him gain stability. He felt more control, but fell down after ten seconds or so. It did not bother him, for now he knew how to do something he thought was impossible.


The Shoyru turned around. His owner was running towards him, "You did it! I watched you just a minute ago. I was passing by the Lost Desert and, oh Charzon, that was just clever the way you used your wings!"

She hesitated, lost for words and full of excitement.

"Let's celebrate," she finally said," We'll get Wilpaw and go to Neopia Central and… Would you like a petpet my little warrior?"

"I didn't figure it out myself," CharzonX stepped aside and revealed the wise Turtmid, "He taught me much. Can I keep him?"

The Turtmid's eyes widened, astonished at the fact that someone actually wanted to keep him.

"Yes you can," CharzonX's owner replied beaming.

"And will you, oh Pyro, master of the Fire Sword come and live with me?"

I am honored, and I will. I am no longer just a Turtmid! I am Pyro, Charzon's Turtmid!

Pyro lifted his two front legs, as if to jump with joy, fell, and landed on one face of his pyramid shell.

"Don't worry it happens to us all! I myself have fallen on countless occasions!" CharzonX laughed.

And the three laughed together. CharzonX helped Pyro up, and owner, pet, and petpet set out to Terror Mountain to get Wilpaw. There was much discussion of the events that occurred that fine day.

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