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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: SquishyPuff
Owner: ericvstanton
Pet Name: Streamdark
Breed: Plushie Warf

About SquishyPuff:
I would have liked to tell you that I got my petpet some heroic way, like whisking her out of the jaws of the Snowager, or by exploring the ruins of Geraptiku; however, I came by my little warf in a very ordinary fashion.

“MOOOOM, can I PLEASE get a petpet?” That was me. My name is Streamdark, and I had been working on my ‘Petpet Beg’ for quite some time. It had taken a lot of work to memorize the speech that would, supposedly, persuade Mom to buy me a petpet. As I was about to launch into my well-planned speech, Mom surprised me. “Sure, honey. I don’t see any reason that you shouldn’t have a petpet; all of your siblings have them.” I shut my gaping mouth before a bug could fly in. “Uuuuumm… your letting me get a petpet?” before she could answer, I shrieked, “Can we get it now?!?! Can I have an Angelpuss? Can I-” Mom held up her hand. “Slow down! Yes, we can go now. Just let me get some neopoints from the bank.” As soon as I got my scarf (It was freezing outside!) we ran down to the bank. I was bouncing around as the line shortened, ready to leave and barely able to contain my all of excitement. Once we had gotten the neopoints, I spent the rest of the morning racing around shops, peeking excitedly at the happy, energetic petpets prancing around in their cages. I was seriously considering getting a beautiful little primella, when a small plushie warf caught my eye. The petpet was jumping around, its tiny tail wagging furiously as it played a game of tag with a group of other petpets. I tapped the shopkeeper on the shoulder. “Excuse me, sir, but how much is that plushie warf?” The shopkeeper glanced at me and after a moments thought, proclaimed “14,000, no more, no less.” I quickly paid and picked up the warf. It yipped reproachfully as it was removed from the game of tag, but soon snuggled into my arms as I walked back to our neohome in the haunted woods. My brother and sisters were delighted as I showed them my new petpet. They already had petpets of their own; Jarelisa had a greifer, Moormists had an abominable snowball, and Zylaska had a vicious little sklyde. As soon as the initial exitement had worn of, I looked a my warf more closely. It was a funny little thing, with a patch on its ear and lightly-colored spots peppering its entire body. It was then when Zylaska asked, “What are you going it?” I scratched my head. I hadn’t thought about a name. As I ran through possible names, a voice broke my thoughts. “What about ‘Squishypuff’?” I looked up. Jarelisa had suggested it; it DID seem like a pretty good name for a plushie warf. “Squishypuff…” I mused. “That sounds like a great name!”

The newly dubbed Squishypuff yawned.

The End

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