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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Six_II
Owner: sainttails
Pet Name: Marikanu
Breed: Feepit

About Six_II:
Marikanu: *ahem* Hello, I'm Marikanu, I'm gathered here today to tell you the story of one of the greatest Feepits ever to prance the hills of Neopia. We were the best of friends, had sleepovers, collected Usuki dolls together...

Six II: Feep!

Marikanu: No not you Six II! I'm talking about Six I! Now shall I begin?!

Six II: Feep...

Marikanu: It was a dark cold day, I lay shivering in the rain, pining over the world and all it's cruelties!

Six II: Feep!

Marikanu: Oh...yes. Well, actually it was a gorgeous sunny day, my owner, sainttails, took us for a walk through Meridell. Us - meaning myself...AND MY BELOVED FEEPIT! *cries*

Six II: Feep!

Marikanu: *ahem* Where was I? Ah yes, it just so happened that everyone's favorite green reptile was fast asleep during this bright sunny day - the Turmaculus. Sainttails, she got the "bright" idea to see if we could wake him up.

Six II: Feep!

Marikanu: Oh alright *grumble grumble* I begged sainttails to let Six try and wake him up, convinced ol' Turmy would reward us with something great! So Six sluggishly tottered over to where the Turmaculus lay. I wispered to him "Hey Six! Try a tap dance!" Because who doesn't fancy a good tap dance once in while? Six began doing the Buffalo Time Step* while I watched in awe. Suddenly, ol'd Turmy awoke! And...opened his mouth *sniff* I thought *cries a little* I thought he was going to give out a yawn or something...he... *breathes* he... *cries uncontrollably for at least two minutes*

Six II: *cough*

Marikanu: Oh...*wipes eyes* sorry, got a bit carried away there! He ate my petpet! He opened his mouth and ate my beloved Feepit! Oh Six! Can ya hear me buddy? I'd climb Techo Mountain if only it could bring you baaaaaaack!

Six II: *whispers* He's going through grief counseling, you'll have to excuse his behavior.

Marikanu: But it wasn't over yet. Suddenly, a loud voice BOOMED down from the sky! "CONGRATULATIONS! You're now You are now eligible to use 'Turmaculus' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!" As a shiny badge fell from the sky. Sainttails and I...we just stared at this new avatar, blinking, there were possibly a few crickets chirping in the background. AND EVER SINCE I'VE BEEN LOST IN THE WORLED WITHOUT MY SIX THE FEEPIT.

Six II: Um...feep?

Marikanu: Oh yes! Well of course I've found a new pet, who conviently looks EXACTLY the same as my last! We have a few differences, but we're working our way through.

Six II: I'm a replacement!

Marikanu: Yes you are, yes you are. *hugs Six II* This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Readers: Awwww!

Marikanu: Goodbye everyone! Never forget the story of Six the Feepit! *sniff sniff* *cries* *starts to wail*

Six II: *sigh* Feep!

*Tap combination that involves extremely difficult steps!

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