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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Kiki
Owner: slushielover426
Pet Name: katiekougra642
Breed: Kateil

About Kiki:
“Mom, can I get a petpet?”

A rather small tyrannian kougra walked into the kitchen where her owner was preparing breakfast.

“Katie, you know we don’t have enough money now after we’ve bought a lab ray for Keyora.”

“But Cherry and Berry have cool petpets! Even Keyora has a petpet! They all have one except me!” Katie complained.

“Quit your whining, Katie! It’s still morning.” A red kougra says. She had a shiny red coat with sleek blue stripes.

“Leave her alone, Cherry! Even though we DO have awesome petpets doesn’t mean we have a right to rub it in her face!” says an orange Ogrin.

“Is breakfast ready yet? I’m starving!” a bouncing purple wocky asked.

Slushie ignored them and focused on Katie.
“I’m sorry Katie, but you’ll have to wait until we have enough money. You can play with your sister’s petpets until then.”

Cherry, Berry and Keyora all heard this and instantly started arguing that they shouldn’t let Katie play with their petpets.

Slushie joined in to try and stop the fight.
“I’ll be on a walk.” Katie says, leaving silently.

She walked to her favorite place on the Krawk Island bay where she saw almost everyone playing with their petpets.

She sighed with sadness to not join them with hers.
Katie instantly shot up, not knowing where that sound came from.
There it goes again. Katie turned around to see a Kateil flying right at her!
Katie couldn’t move. She was in a stance, and WHAM!
The Kateil bowled her over.

After an hour, Katie opened her eyes to see a flock of Kateils flying south. Then she saw the Kateil that ran over her stuck in sand.
She helped the little bird and it cheerfully said, “Squawk!”

“Do you want to go home with your family?” Katie asked, confused why the bird isn’t flying off.

The Kateil looked up at the flock of her family, and she shook its head vigorously and said,

Katie almost knew that she was neglected and kicked out of her family.
Katie then was filled with joy.
“Um, do you want to go home with me?”
The Kateil bounced up and down, chirping “Squawk! Squawk!”
“It’s settled then! How about we call you...Koko?”
The Kateil pecked her hard with an annoyed look on its face.
"Ow! Um, how about Chichi?"
The Kateil pecked her again and started to say,"Kiki! Kiki! Kiki!"
The Kateil then flew on top of Katie's head and laid there.
"Alrighty then! I can't wait to see the looks on my family's faces! Ha! Don't worry Kiki, you won't be lonely. My sisters also have petpets: an Angelpuss, a Gruslen, and a Snowbunny! Well, I would keep away from the Gruslen 'cause you know...."
She continued to chat all the way home with her new friend.

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