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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Bamboo
Owner: pteri_star
Pet Name: dura12459
Breed: Sandan

About Bamboo:
Dura12459 sipped at her tea quietly and looked into the blazing fire in the fireplace. The yellow and orange flames danced in front of her gently, crackling a never ending song. Just then, a ball of blue and white fur shot into the living room and jumped into her lap, tail wagging.

“What is it, Bamboo?” Dura asked her sandan. It rolled over and stared back at her, eyes wide with excitement.

“You haven’t calmed down since I got you on Lunar New Year.” she commented. She sighed happily. That day was a day to remember...

* * *

“Happy Lunar New Year!” shouted all four pteris to their owner, Pteri_star (also know as Star).

“Happy holidays to you too.” she replied. “Here’s your lucky neopoints.” She passed each of her pets a small red envelope, decorated with gold snorkles.

“We all got 100 neopoints!” shouted the pteris happily. “Thank you.”

“My pleasure.” she replied, “And I’m going to grant you each a gift as an addition.”

Each pet came up and whispered a gift into her ear and waited. When the first three pteris came up, the gift they had wanted was handed to them, no problem. But when Dura12459 came up, her gift was too expensive. She wanted a Shenkuu petpet.

“I’m sorry.” Star said to her, “But I can’t afford that. Maybe next year”

After the gift giving, each pteri gathered their things and they headed to Shenkuu for the Lunar celebration. After a morning of dancing, singing, and sampling of new food, each pteri headed their own way. Dura12459 went to the Fanciful Fauna. When she arrived, she stepped inside and looked around. Only one petpet was left in the store. It stared at her with sad black eyes. She stared back, transfixed. Just then, the shopkeeper came into the store.

“Welcome.” she said to Dura. “Can I help you with something?”

“I was just admiring your petpet.” Dura replied softly, “What is it?”

“This is a sandan.” she said, taking the petpet out of it’s cage. “It comes from the mountains of Shenkuu and are very curious.”

Dura smiled. “Can I hold him?” The koi passed her the sandan gently, dropping it into Dura’s wings. It smiled up at her and let out a sharp “shirp”. She laughed.

“I think it likes you.” the koi smiled. “Do you want to buy it?”

“How much?” Dura asked, scratching the sandan under the chin.

“Since it’s Lunar New Year, I’ll make you a special offer. How about 100 neopoints?”

Dura gasped. It was exactly how much she was carrying. She could afford a new petpet, just like she wanted.

“Sold!” she cried and handed over her envelope.

“Thank you. Go enjoy the festivities with your sandan.” the shopkeeper laughed.

Dura waved and ran out the store, eager to show her owner and sisters. Before she arrived though, the sandan began to munch on something. She looked down and saw that it had gotten her bamboo treat.

“I’ll call you Bamboo!” she declared. Bamboo smiled, and continued to munch on his treat as his owner flew down the last few steps and ran, shouting to her family...

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