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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Edgar
Owner: zerty7727
Pet Name: Infernian
Breed: Crokabek

About Edgar:
You slowly enter a small cafe in the Art and Literature Centre, dripping wet from the storm outside. You hear clapping, and a Crokabek flys up, and perches on a post. 'This will be interesting,' you think, sitting down. You order a cup of tea, and listen.

"Good evening, Neopians. I am Edgar. Before I start, I want to ask a question: Have any of you ever heard of the Great Storm?" Edgar looks around the cafe, and watches everyone shake their heads.

You lean over to the Acara sitting next to you. "Is this normal?" you ask.

"Shhh!" is your only reply.

"None of you have heard of the Great Storm? This shall be interesting," Edgar says.

Your cup of tea arrives, and you sip it, watching Edgar with intense interest.

"In Year 1 of Neopia, The Month of Hiding, a Great Storm caused devastation throughout Neopia. In my opinion, this was the worst storm to ever have any survivors. Listen to my story." The Crokabek pulls out a flute, and plays a soft, mystical lullaby. You sleep, and dream.


The dark storm clouds rolled in slowly. Children were scattering into their Neohomes, crying out. A young Crokabek is perched on a fence, watching the chaos. He cried out, but no one heard him, as they were all boarding up doors and windows trying to escape the horrible storm that was coming.

The Crokabek flew to a window with a child looking out, and cawed.

"MOMMY!" the child screamed, running for cover.

The Crokabek cawed again, and the result of that was a hand pushing him away, into the streets.

It started raining. The wind started blowing, harder and harder until the Crokabek could not stand upright.

The storm, later to be known as the Great Storm, had begun.


You wake up, startled by the horrifying dream, and Edgar resumes his story.

"I flew through terrible wind and rain, and tryed to find cover. A cave sheltered me for two days and nights, but then I had to find food. The rain had not let up a bit, and the wind was as strong as ever. 'I will survive this storm!' I told myself over and over again, pushing as hard as I could against the wind." He stops, and sighs, as remembering the terrible storm.

"Three hours later, I found food and shelter in a large, hollowed-out tree trunk. I waited the storm out for days and days, weeks and weeks, even! Eventually, it let up. I found a nice home with my current owner, Infernian," a Darigan Eyrie in the audience stands up and smiles, "and I knew that, as long as I lived, I would never have to face a terrible storm again, as long as I was with Infernian." Edgar smiles, bows, and flys off of the stage, perching on Infernian's shoulder. You smile at him, and he winks back. You look out the window, and there is sun, shining down, right on the sparkling ground.

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