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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Slimey
Owner: potato_xxx
Pet Name: candycane_xx
Breed: Slorg

About Slimey:
"Christmas is coming!" exclaimed Candy.
"Yes, it is, what do you want for Christmas?" asked Casey.
"A cute green petpet :)" smiled Candy.
Casey was amazed, Candy usally was a rough gal, but this year, she was sweet as a lollypop.

Hi, I'm Slimey, the petpet in the story, so, here's how it ALL happened:

You saw how it started, so Casey looked EVERYWHERE for the perfect green petpet. Bloop; no bloopy. Bearog; three heads! Barbat; candy was afraid of bats. Green Baby Firball; too hot. Cobrall; don't even get Casey started. Drugal; what is that thing? Carma; sounds like carmel! Fir; Xuzia might put lights on it. Felf; and elf thing...no way. Green Kadoatie; pshh..too much whinning. Green Meepit; NO WAY JOSE!! Krawk; way over her budget. Mallard; looks like a duck and goose o_0. Miamouse; too cute. Green Pinklet; too 'tough' looking. Mortog; hehehhe...NO! Green Rock; what? Tenna; We aren't from outa-space. Green Weewoo; weewoo..way to expensive! No luck! She found an aution for a Slorg, but it was 90,000 nps! Slorgs ARE NOT worth 90,000 nps! She tried neomailing that person, she figured, that person's aution was bidded by some noob anyway. She checked the trading posts; nah..too pricey, and they included some other junk she didn't need. Including boots, fish, fishing poles,ect. They might add some PB, but that just made the trade WAY too pricey!! The pound; how would she know if petpets would added? The money tree; ok, so she randomly checked there once or twice. THe petpet shop in Neopia; nope, always out of luck: no Slorgs, or she would try to buy it, but they were always sold out. Casey also didn't have much neopoints, so she decided to play some games in the arcade. She played for 3 hours and then left to check the petpet stores and all her sources once more. Still unlucky. So, sadly, Casey walked home, and people were staring at her! Me, Slimey, I am an abandoned Slorg. My owner threw my away once i got the cold. I got better by my self, but I've been living alone for 5 years. Suddenly, I saw Casey walk up, and I crawled infront of her.
"My! You are an adorable Slorg!" exclaimed Casey.
I nodded, and blinked my eyes twice. Casey knew I was the perfect slorg for Candy. About 2 weeks before Christmas, and Casey couldn't wait! She gave me to Candy and Candy was shocked! Her own Slorg to care (for me) and live (with me)! She named me Slimey because i left slime everywhere (and Casey wasn't too happy about it). It's been 3 hours now, and I'm telling my story, about a lonley Slorg, finding the perfect home! I hope to help other Slorgs or petpets in need, in the pound, money tree, dump (ok...maybe not the dump). I love Casey, Candy, xuzia, and my family I don't even know if they are alive. Someday, I would like to bring my whole new family, to meet my REAL family..someday, my dream will come true.

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