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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: copper
Owner: treetops
Pet Name: selenestar
Breed: Cougi

About copper:
Hi i'm Copper, loyal and trusty mate of Selenestar the kau. Would you like to know my story? Its not very interesting (well thats what Treetops says. Probably because I tell it to her over and over and over). Ok I shall begin, like it or not. Quite a long time ago I lived in the yard of a petpet shop on the slopes of Terror Mountain. Every day I sat in my stable waiting for someone to take me home, but no one seemed to want a Cougi like me. I lived for the whole of my childhood in that shop. But on my eleventh birthday a scary looking Techo came in and pointed at me. The shop keeper nodded and picked me up by the scruff of my neck and handed me over to the Techo. The Techo then thumped me on the desk and examined me. He then nodded and handed the shopkeeper the money.The next thing I knew I was in a box being carried by the Techo up the moutain. Finally I got put on a desk. I peeped through a hole and saw a red Ixi with a scarf around her neck. I heard the Techo leave. The Ixi then lifted up the lid and said "Well hi little fella" and picked me up. "You're very cute" she said "pity I can't keep you". She put me down again and went over to the computer to find out what breed I was. "Oh" she said five minutes later "your a coo a coo a Cougi". Suddenly she yawned "I'll find out what to do with you in the morning". When I woke up the next morning I decided to look around. The first thing I saw was the sign for the shop. It said THE SHOP OF MYSTERY. Soon the Ixi woke up and exclaimed "I have it, I can raffle you". "Raffle" I thought "what does raffle mean". Anyway I was put on a string thing she said was called a leash and tied to the wall. Then she wrote a sign saying LOOKING FOR A PETPET? THEN BUY A RAFFLE TICKET AND YOU COULD WIN ME!. Then she stuck the sign in front of me and went inside. Lots of neopets and owners went inside to buy a raffle ticket. The Ixi told me they cost 250 np. "What was a np " I thought as I stared up at the sky. Finally people stopped going in and the Ixi ran out and said "I made a hundred thousand np". She seemed pleased. Next she took me inside and put me in my box. When I woke up I saw the Ixi was outside and so were all the people who bought a raffle ticket. She put her paw thingymabob in a jar and took out a piece of paper. "Twenty three green" she called "who has twenty three green?". A cloked scary looking Lupe came out and said "I have twenty three green". The Ixi then ran inside and picked me up and handed me over to the Lupe. She waved at me. "Bye bye little Cougi" she called. When the Lupe was out of sight of everyone he knocked me out. I don't know why, he just did it. When I woke up I was in an iron cage in somebodys store. A users store.It was a scary place there was loud music and a scary background. Next to me there was a mutant buzzer who growled at me, so I curled up in the corner. Thats when my luck started. It just so happened that Treetops was looking for a snowbunny when she bumped into me. "Oh your cute" she said and took out a snowpuff and fed it to me. Then she walked over to the counter and pointed at me. The shopkeeper opened my cage and Treetops
picked me up. Then I got whizzed off to Mystery Island where Treetops lived. She quickly went into the kitchen and put me in a box. I peeped through a hole (again)and saw her open a door. She called "Selenestar,Selenstar I have a suprise for you". Then I saw a pretty red Kau get up and walk over. Treetops gave her the box containing me. Slowly the Kau opened the box and gasped. "You are the cutest petpet I have ever seen" she said. She looked at Treetops "thanks" she said. "You still have to name him" Treetops whispered. "Ok you're called Copper" said the pretty Kau. When Treetops left she introduced herself to me, then she introduced me to her brothers and their petpets. Then she introduced me to her sister and her petpet. And so I now live with Selenestar and her brothers and her sister and thier petpets.
Did ya like it? I hope you did. I do. Ok bye for now see you later. Tata.

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