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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Athos
Owner: moonhowl190392
Pet Name: RubyStar190392
Breed: Spyder

About Athos:
Hello there. My name is Athos. I am a Spyder as you can see from my picture. I am named after a famous musketeer. Why you ask? How should I know!
Anyhow, I'm not much to look at as most Spyders aren't the nicest looking of petpets but we are very loyal and do not need much care. However, we do cost a fair bit of money at the petpet store.
My owner, RubyStar190392, and her owner, moonhowl190392, got me for free. That's right. Absolutely, positively free!
It all started about 2 months ago.... I was a very lost & lonely Spyder. I was stuck in the Lost Desert for quite sometime when I was captured in wooden box with air holes and carried a great distance. I was able to see out of the air holes. I was taken to Sakhmet, the bustling city in the Lost Desert. Next thing I know, I'm yanked out and dropped into a cage! I mean come on! Couldn't the pets handling me be just a little bit nicer?! I ended up with an injured leg!
I was stuck in this cage for a long time. I never thought I would get out! I heard talk of something silly thing called the Fruit Machine but because of the name, I thought all it gave out was fruit. Boy, was I wrong!
It was a hotter than normal day in the city of Sakhmet. I was just sitting in my cage when I heard the Fruit Machine start going again. All I thought was: 'Great. Another spin wasted on Fruit.' But then a shout from outside said:
"Congratulations! You've won 2500 neopoints & a Spyder!"
I was in shock! I was getting out of here! I was free at last! No more stale food! No more warm water! I was about to start dancing in my cage!
I was carried out to a young female human and her pet, a decent looking red Lupe. Perched on the human’s shoulder was a yellow Pteri who watched me as if I was lunch. I got a little scared. Alright... I was terrified. I thought I was going to fed to that Pteri!
The human just took my cage and lifted it so she was able to look at me. She seemed a little strange as she kept turning the cage so as to look at me from all sides. Then she smiled and passed me down to the Lupe who just took the handle in her mouth and followed her owner as they left with me.
When we got to the Neohome, I didn't want to leave my cage. I was in a new place with feeding bowls, balls to play with and a new friend to make, yet I was scared, thinking that Pteri was going to come and eat me!
The Lupe, I later found out her name was RubyStar190392 but that she preferred Ruby, tried to coax me out with a red nimmo bite. How I love those! I couldn't resist. I climbed up her front leg and took the Nimmo Bite from the top of her head.
Her owner, which I later learned was moonhowl190392, asked Ruby what she wanted to name me. Ruby thought for a bit before coming up with a name she'd heard her owner say many times before.
"I shall name you Athos. And together, we'll be able to do anything!" I was so awed by her that I just climbed up to the top of her head & snuggled down into the her soft, recently brushed fur. I already loved my new home.

Thank you for hearing out my long tale. I just have always wanted to tell it to somebody about how a stroke of luck gave me the greatest home of my life. I now adore that Fruit Machine and go there as much as possible just to remember the day I was rescued by my best friend.

Oh, one more thing. You remember that Pteri right? Well, it turns out that he was just a little skittish cause he was just a young Pteri. He didn't want to eat me after all!

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