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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Fickle
Owner: ewanspaz
Pet Name: EwanSpaz
Breed: Starry Faellie

About Fickle:
A Faerie Korbat knocks politely on the door, entering timidly. She flies into the room, saying a quick “hello!” before landing in front of the microphone. The microphone is a little too high; she’s a Korbat, a creature much smaller than your usual Chomby or Tuskaninny. There are a four judges peaking out from each’s own brown clipboard. EwanSpaz (the pet, of course) makes a mental note to make each of them her neofriend as soon as she gets home so she can send them Pale Starry Notebooks, a much more fashionable accessory. While making this mental note (and giggling to herself at the thought of a mental note about a notebook) she struggles to pull the microphone down to her level. Adam is one of the judges; he leans over to a pretty lady with brown hair and whispers something about asparagus. EwanSpaz gulps, gives up on the mic’s twisty turny thing, and flies up to the tip of the microphone stand, planting her feet on the metal pole and holding on tight to the microphone while speaking.

“Sorry! I’m just not used to my size and strength quite yet,” the Korbat replies. The judges stare.

“It’s just I’ve been a Kougra, a Kyrii, a Skeith, a Nimmo. I’m used to being a boy, too!” EwanSpaz realizes how ridiculous that last statement sounded aloud and turns her white fur Tomato Chia red, and thus begins rambling awkwardly.

The judges, aware of the effects of the lab ray on Neopets, politely ask the girl to please stick to the audition.

“Oh, I’m not auditioning!” EwanSpaz replies calmly.

The judges politely inform her that this is true, since she is currently in the Petpet Spotlight audition room.

“Oh, right! I’m sorry! I’m just nervous!” she replies, taking deep breaths and flapping her wings at Pteri speed. “Okay. My pet is the greatest pet in all of Neopia. Which is why he should win this thing. But, I’ll have you know, that he was downright scary until two days ago, and I have your crazy ideas to thank for that!” EwanSpaz crosses her arms defiantly, but doesn’t realize that crossing them loosens her grip on the mic, causing her to fall backward and hang upside-down from her feet.

The judges, confused, stare back at EwanSpaz, who flaps herself awkwardly back to her original position.

“Well, you see, my Petpet has been all kinds of crazy species in the almost five years that I’ve had him. He was a Floud, at first, which was an interesting predicament.” The Korbat pauses here, while unbeknown to the judges thinks about how smart she must be to have used the word ‘predicament’ in a sentence. She continues. “All he would do was run into walls and call me ‘Bloop!’ There are absolutely no letters in my name that are in the word ‘Bloop!’ It was crazy. My owner took pity on me because she’s a sweetheart and bought the Petpet Lab Ray pieces, which made me excited because maybe my pet would finally, finally be something cute and fuzzy that could play with me!”

“Now, you won’t believe the kooky things that that Kookith did to my precious!” EwanSpaz pauses, once again, to think of how clever she must be to have used “kooky” and “Kookith” together.

“Anyway. The first thing that happened to him was that he was turned into a pile of soot. This was actually an improvement if you ask me, since he could no longer run into walls. I just worried about mum sweeping him up by accident, so I kept bringing him back. Then, his name changed four – yes, FOUR – times before anything exciting happened to him! What you don’t realize, TNT, is that these Petpets, when they have a new name, only respond to that name! Calling them the old and much cuter name won’t work until they get used to it again! And calling my little precious sooty pet – oh, I TOTALLY forgot to mention his real name! I feel like a silly auditioner. His name is Fickle. Isn’t that cute? He is fabulous. Anyway. Calling my sooty little Fickle ‘Snarkie’ was not my idea of good fun. But then, to add insult to name debauchery, he was transformed into a Babyca. Not just any Babyca, though – a MUTANT one! He was a terror in my house! My brother and sisters all have pets of their own – a Warf named Frodo, a Baby Blu named Gurken, and a timid little Alabriss named Fiyero. They disappeared an hour after we brought this scary version of Fickle home. We thought he ate them or something! Turns out he had locked them in the attic! He ran around the house cackling and scaring everyone, including my Mum. It was a fright. We were in a big hurry to get him back to the lab ray again. When we brought him back this time, we were lucky because he turned into a White Fir just in time for the Day of Giving! It was especially special because I was a Christmas Korbat at the time, so we were like, such the matchingly adorable pair. But, when Fickle poo was brought home, my sister Myst couldn’t stop sneezing, because apparently she is allergic to Firs. I had to sleep at my friend Preshyhead’s house with Rhys until we got him into a species that would be cute and fit in with my whole neohome. There was a flurry of transformations after that – a Wadget, which was no good because my little sis, Strawberriee, is terrified of them. That was fun though, because my brother Eli and I put him in her bed while she was sleeping…man did that scare her in the morning! Mum didn’t find it very funny, though, so she made us bring him back. He became an Angelpuss, which was no good because he was a little too attracted to my sister Lil’s Baby Blu in his little tank. He was briefly an Anubis, which wasn’t too terrible, except for the fact that he wouldn’t ever leave the sandbox and couldn’t go on flying adventures with me.”

EwanSpaz pauses, takes a deep breath, and smiles.

“And then, then then then then thennnnn, he turned into the most magical Petpet in the entire world, like I told you. Now he’s an adorable Starry Faellie! He giggles at me and wiggles his ears when I talk to him, follows me around when I fly around Neopia, is nice to the other Petpets in the house, and is probably the cutest little pet ever to hit Neopia Central. I just love his Starry coat! But, I bet you are DYING to meet him! So I won’t delay anymore! Fickle, please come out!”

The door, which is still opened, is shoved open by the rush of flapping wings that mark the entrance of the little Petpet. Fickle swoops over to his owner, attempting to be elegant and graceful, but slams into the poor Korbat, causing both to fall to the floor.

“It wasn’t supposed to go like that,” EwanSpaz admits, frowning down at her pet. “What do you have to say for yourself, Fickle? Why should you win the Petpet Spotlight?”

The little Faellie wiggles his ears, licks his lips, stands on one leg for a couple of seconds, and lets out a long and winded “Mrmrmrmrmr.”

Adam looks at the brown haired girl, who says that she will get him some Asparagus later. She thanks them both, and they are ushered out of the room.

A “Cooooooooooooo EwanSpaz” can be heard echoing down the hall as two pairs of fluttering wings carried the pet and Petpet away.

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